Industrial Hygiene and Mold Remediation

Why should a third party test in mold remediation?

BALTIMORE, June 23, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- In doing mold remediation work it is often advisable to get a third party to do the inspection work of the remediation firm. If the same firm does the work and the testing at the same time then, that is a conflict of interest. The path that is advisable is to hire an industrial hygienist, before the work is started and to do the post testing afterwards. Why do you want an industrial hygienist to pretest the area, which you know is visually moldy?

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The industrial hygienist is necessary for pretesting, because they may find more mold than is originally noticeable to the naked eye. Often mold is only noticeable after thousands of spores have been produced, but behind the wall there may be a large amount that is not able to be seen. Also, they may find more mold particles, and determine how severe the problem might possibly be. Another, service that the industrial hygienist provides is the scope of work that needs to be done exactly, in order to remediate the mold effected area. This is helpful for a mold remediation company to have. Mold removal questions are generally answered by these professionals.

Industrial hygienists are scientists by training so hence they have a great amount of authority in regards to dealing with a plethora of different issues. They are generally skilled in recognizing, evaluating, and controlling indoor environmental problems. Being scientists they have studied the understanding of human's personal hygiene and the processes by which to correct it. And, they have studied what may negatively affect the human body.

Mold remediation firms are recommended to use these individuals at their own discretion, and for liability purposes it is highly advisable to refer a client to an industrial hygienist.  Since the extent of the work found by the remediation firm maybe greater than expected.  Also, if health issues are involved in the area that has been affected by mold as well.  This is the core of why to use an industrial hygienist, it is to better an individuals health. 

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