If you want to achieve the full life, then you should read The Equation of Life

The four principles to reach the full life

BOGOTA, Colombia, Oct. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The experience of living the life is indeed a wonderful gift with a divine origin; so expressing it briefly is really difficult. Finding the fundaments and elements that make life a pleasant and a wonderful experience, is the aim of this book. From some happy experiences and some sad on a personal level, the author has found that there are always four common elements in the life of all human beings: love, education, work and service to others. The same way happens in a collective level. Therefore, the main purpose of this book is to give a message of love and fraternity for all human beings, making of life a beautiful, pleasant and peaceful experience.

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The book you hold in your hands was born thanks to the enthusiasm and skill of its author: a Systems Engineer named Guillermo Benavides Gonzalez drawing upon personal experience, he has persisted in creatively linking these four essential elements to successfully overcome challenging circumstances of life and throughout the three chapters of this book he shares with us the results of his reflections.

In the first chapter the author replies to the question who are we? Taking reference from, and extending, the rationalist view we usually have of the human body which reduces it to a purely physical entity, the author seeks to resurrect to the idea that the human being actually is a much more complex system composed of seven energy bodies associated and identified with the emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of humanity.

In the second chapter, you can find a detailed description of the four elements of The Equation of Life and their relationship with the seven bodies making up the human being. Love is understood in its wide range of possibilities, and the various expressions of human love stand out as motherly love, erotic love, love of God, self-love, and brotherly love. According to the author, human love essentially involves trust and giving without expecting anything in return. Besides love, the author moves to an in depth discussion of the topic of education; understood as a process of teaching and instruction throughout life. About work, he considers it as an extended training process and one of the vital achievements of a person's existence. As regards service to others, the author considers it is one of the highest expressions of human endeavor leading us to the best possible state of human evolution.

In the third chapter, the reader will enjoy a tour of numerous real-life examples illustrating how the teachings of the Bible, the development of countries, even the seven wonders of the world will confirm why these four elements are rooted not only in the personal history of each individual but also throughout the history of humanity itself.

So, dear reader I leave you in the company of this beautiful book and I hope that through its pages you will be able to build up an idea of how a truly balanced individual progresses in both his physical and spiritual growth; and that you will learn the importance of aligning these four fundamental principles in your daily life, as they will be an invaluable guide to you, the reader, in your material, intellectual and spiritual evolution.

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