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DOUBLE TAKE: When Identity Thieves Steal Your Job

DENVER, Sept. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Like the day two planes hit the World Trade Center in NYC, you always remember where you were when you first learned you'd become a victim of identity theft. Zane Purdy was on the job at General Dynamics in Montgomery, Alabama where he managed a team of engineers. Stephen Hershman was on a ballistic submarine submerged somewhere in the Pacific when he realized his identity was gone. Steve Echols had just arrived at his local police precinct to comply with a detective's request for a meeting.

All three men are veterans. At one time, all three held jobs that demanded a high security clearance. While Hershman was able to salvage his reputation before a plunging credit score cost him his job, Echols and Purdy didn't learn about challenges to their identities until considerable damage had occurred. Both men are still struggling to recover years later and one is now fighting back in federal court.


Those are the opening paragraphs of DOUBLE TAKE, a 4-part original series on identity theft and its harsh impact on security clearance workers. The series written by Jeanne Price of idRADAR News is now available for publication at no charge.

The main article in DOUBLE TAKE outlines the special issues security clearance holders face and tactics to minimize ID damage before jobs are lost. The additional pieces detail each man's demanding battle with identity theft.

"I wanted to detail their individual trials to document the true impact of ID theft," Price said. "All too often identity theft victims are viewed as just numbers on a page. The impact in each case can be staggering—homelessness, health problems, despair—and entire families are victimized. This horrendous variety of ID theft deprives victims of their means to recover—their established careers—in addition to causing the usual damages to credit scores and financial accounts."

The story of Steve Echols--a decorated veteran who ended up homeless after his identity was stolen--triggered the series. Echols is currently suing his former employer, Morpho Detection, TSA and Homeland Security for failure to consider his identity theft experience before revoking his employment. A ruling in that case is expected this fall.  


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Jeanne Price is managing editor of IDR News, an independent division of idRADAR.Com based in Denver, Colorado. She has written extensively on personal safety, medical, financial and consumer protection topics. She joined idRADAR in 2012 to head its news operation. Her beat involves identity theft and digital privacy issues that impact readers' daily lives.

Prior to her career as a journalist, Price ran a law enforcement office in New York State that handled white-collar crimes and consumer fraud. There she was instrumental in the adoption of automobile corrosion warranties nationwide. She has also testified before Congress as an expert witness on electronic banking and commerce issues.   


In addition to its commitment to education and news, idRADAR offers the latest technology in privacy and identity security services.

"There is a tremendous growing and dynamic need for individuals and families to be able to protect themselves in the exploding digital world," co-founder Tom Feige believes. "Right now it's a very sophisticated version of the 'Wild, Wild, West' where anything goes and law-abiding citizens don't even know what the bad guys are up to until it's too late. Government and the big players in the digital frontier aren't solving the problem for individuals and families. So we created idRADAR to help change that."


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