Hydroxycut: Sitting While Eating Can Assist Digestion and Weight Loss

Although America's increasingly sedentary culture can be connected to weight gain, some believe that it is still important to sit while eating to focus on what, and how much, we are eating. The makers of Hydroxycut weigh in on these dietary observations.

NEW YORK, Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Many will argue that America's modern culture has become increasingly connected to remaining stationary, as people continuously sit while they commute, work, use the Internet and watch television. While these activities may be connected to weight gain, a recent article from Shape Magazine suggests that one time that is meant for sitting is when a person is eating. The article suggests that sitting can help encourage natural relaxation, and thus, allow one to digest normally. The makers of Hydroxycut response to this article by encouraging individuals facing weight gain issues to reassess the way they eat, including their posture during meals.

While the article notes that there is no singular study or finding that suggests sitting can aid in weight loss efforts, human biology can help people better understand why sitting during mealtime is potentially beneficial. In the article, a nutritional consultant explains , "Digestion is a process dominated by our parasympathetic nervous system, which has the famous tagline 'rest and digest'—your body needs to be relaxed in order to process food efficiently, so it makes sense that we should also try to relax while eating."

The makers of Hydroxycut comment on this particular finding, "When one is approaching diet changes or weight loss goals, they must be able to look at the whole picture. 

In addition, as Roussell observes, it is important for individuals to eat slow to focus on the meal at hand—this concept can also help dieters pay attention to what they eat and track their overall consumption."

While sitting may prove beneficial for those seeking improved digestion and weight loss, the makers of Hydroxycut note that fitness and overall nutrition still play a major role when one pursues weight loss. For that reason, it is recommended that all individuals consult a physician before making any changes to their diet or fitness routine.


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