Hunter Fite, American-French Actor Stars in Breakout Feature Role with "Chances".

Born in America, raised in France, Hunter Fite brings his unique acting style to American cinema in the love lost 70's style romance, "Chances", which just recently finished filming.

LOS ANGELES, July 2, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- American-French actor, Hunter Fite, has just completed shooting of his first feature movie, "Chances".  Written, produced and directed by Han Rhyu, Chances was shot in the spirit of 70's independent cinema.  Following Fite and co-star Balbinka, Chances tells the story of love, loss and luck in the immense deserts and cities of California and Nevada.  Seven years in development, a small budget and tight crew along with a moody soundtrack, Chances hearkens back to a simpler time in movies when the story mattered more than special effects.

"The two lead characters are lost. So when they find each other they feel like they've been saved. But in reality they have very little to offer one other and spiral down into the darkness. It becomes codependent, it becomes tragic." Fite says about Chances.

Fite began his acting career in high school in France at Lycee Saint-Exupery in the city of Saint-Dizier.  Having theater as a major, Fite was preparing himself for an acting career.  Eventually moving to Paris and joining Théâtre du Peuplier Noir helped expand Fites horizons by doing professional plays such as Hermine and un Coucou Dans un Nid deFauvettes (A Cuckoo in a Nest of Warblers).

Fite said, "I've learnt so much. My goal is to keep evolving as an actor and keep telling stories that are compelling."

Having the life experience of being raised by missionary parents, who moved Fite to France when he was one, has given Fite opportunities which he has taken ahold of and worked on improving.  This multi-cultural lifestyle has helped FIte grow an open mind which has benefited his acting career in many ways.

At the age of 21, the realization that something bigger was waiting for him just out of his reach, Fite took the plunge and moved to Hollywood California. 

"I've collaborated with many American projects but am very open to working on French movies as well. After all, that's where it all started for me." Fite mentioned about his acting experience.

About Hunter Fite:
Fite has performed in over 15 short movies including A Habit of Activity (2012) and Dinner Out (2010) several television shows such as Steam Room Stories (2011) and Crackhorse Presents (2012).  Chances is the first feature movie that Fite has starred in and is expected to be the launching of a successful acting career.

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