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SAN DIEGO, Dec. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- is an online article directory where online marketers and business owners can share info and learn from some of the top industry professionals. A new article featured on the website, titled "How To Make Money 2014" helps new entrepreneurs decide which business venture is the best for them in the coming year. The article talks about some of the considerations that new business hopefuls should take into account and gives some examples of low cost startups that can help business owners make a profit in 2014.

The Empowered Ezine article says, "With the New Year on the horizon, there are undoubtedly many people who are looking back on 2013 and thinking about what they can do better for the future. For a good amount of people this will also mean evaluating their jobs and coming to the conclusion that (a. they aren't satisfied with their work environment or conditions, and/or (b. they just aren't making enough money to be able to meet their needs. Luckily, for those who are wondering how to make money, 2014 has a lot to offer. There are more business opportunities available than ever, and the internet provides a way for new entrepreneurs to learn almost every skill necessary to successfully run the sideline or fulltime business of their choosing."

It continues, saying, "So what are some of the best money makers for 2014? This will really depend on who's asking. You really have to take stock of your own situation and be optimistically realistic about what you can really take on to start with. Some business ventures are very time consuming; others require a big investment to start. Some business opportunities require very specialized skills that you will need to learn if you don't have them already. And yet others require a lot of manpower – these businesses either require recruiting family or friends, or hiring employees which could be costly."

Empowered Ezine explains that after the person has taken stock of their skills, time allowances, budget and available resources, they will be more prepared to choose a business venture that is right for them and can help them to make a profit in 2014. Some of the suggested business options for new entrepreneurs in 2014 are given as:

  1. Professional cleaning service
  2. Home daycare
  3. Senior care
  4. Consulting, tutoring or coaching services
  5. Event organization
  6. Reselling new or secondhand goods
  7. Auto detailing
  8. Online affiliate marketing

The article further states: "The last item on the list, online affiliate marketing, is one of the most popular options for new entrepreneurs because it is highly customizable as a business, is not very time consuming, doesn't require the affiliate marketer to invest in inventory or have their own product, and can offer long term residual income for work that is put in once. Also, the skills needed for affiliate marketing can be used to promote any online or offline business, so this is something many consider even if they have another full time or part time business or job."

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