How to Find Car Insurance for Teenagers at Low Rates

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Teenagers usually have to pay more for auto insurance. There are many factors that put them at a disadvantage when applying for car insurance. Starting with statistics that show younger drivers as irresponsible and with a high rate of fatal accidents and finishing with limited financial possibilities, teenagers are usually considered high risk.

What can teenagers do to find cheaper car insurance?

Young drivers should first look for coverage options under their parents' current policy. In general, it is cheaper to bundle different drivers under the same policy, but parents beware! The overall car insurance prices will increase.

If this is not possible, maybe because college students do not live near their parents, they should leverage their grades and higher education to get a discount. Many agencies will sell auto insurance 10% cheaper to good students.

If it is not too much effort, young drivers can also complete a defensive driving course for an extra 25% discount on car insurance.

The best options is to look around for the cheapest deals

Teenagers can use online car insurance quotes to find the latest coverage options in their areas. Online quotes are now available at The website offers excellent resources for finding the right coverage option for any driver.

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