How Much Do Credit Repair Services Cost? - The Pros And Cons Discussed By Loan Love

SAN DIEGO, June 7, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- is a borrow advice site that specializes in helping home buyers to find loans that they will love. Aside from this, the articles and resources found on the website can also help home buyers in other aspects of owning a home and dealing with the associated costs, as well as maximizing the benefits of homeownership. For loan borrowers on bad credit score, a credit repair service organization is just one of the few ways a borrower can patch their credit score. But how much do credit repair services cost? And are they worth it in the long run? Loan Love's latest article, titled "Credit Repair Services Cost (Don't Get Ripped Off!)" provides new information every loan borrower should know when dealing with a credit repair service. 

If a loan borrower can't be bothered to wait it out when it comes to repairing their credit score, a credit repair service may seem like their most feasible option, and sometimes credit repair services do have a positive impact. However, Loan Love warns that if something seems too good to be true, it might be best to avoid spending hard-earned cash on it. The article continues by saying:

"The riskiest path to take in seeking to improve your credit score is to employ the services of a credit repair agency. There are many credit repair organizations that will simply take hundreds, even thousands, of your hard-earned dollars but do nothing to improve your score.

If you decide to go this route, do your homework. Check into online reviews, particularly with reputable sites like the Better Business Bureau. Avoid companies that require a great deal of money upfront or that force you into a long-term contract.

Some credit repair agencies will advertise that they have actual credit repair attorneys available to take over your case.

But don't be fooled into thinking these companies can do more for you than those not advertising they have an attorney. Many are law firms in name only. They do not have attorneys working your case." On top of this, credit repair services may charge as little as $35-$50 reaching up to several hundred dollars on a monthly basis.

One of the main reasons loan borrowers may want to sort out their credit score's setbacks by themselves is that loan borrowers can also go through the same credit repair steps that credit repair services offer, the only difference being that the borrower isn't paying for a service. Any loan borrower has the privilege of disputing their credit score errors with any of the three major credit reporting bureaus at no additional cost. This is easy as sending a letter or filling out a form online in which the applicant will be provided full information on their credit score errors afterwards.

Borrowers can also optionally seek credit counseling instead of using the aid of a credit repair service. As the article mentions: "Unlike a credit repair company, a credit counseling organization is typically in the business of helping you to make better credit decisions in the future.

While they are not likely to offer a quick solution, these organizations—particularly those that are organized as nonprofits—can provide some assistance in getting your credit back on track. Many will even negotiate payment plans with your creditors on your behalf."

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