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NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Right now, the nation's real estate market is definitely a buyers' market according to -- which means you'll pretty much get everything you want when it comes time to buy. So, what do you do when you're torn between two great houses?  How do you pick the right one?

-     Think about the re-sale value

It may seem a little weird to envision selling a house that you haven't even bought yet, but it's important to do nonetheless.  You'll have to figure out which home is more likely to give you the most bang for your buck when you eventually sell it. How do you do that -- especially when you have no idea when you're going to sell, or what the economy is going to look like then? Take a look at the upgrades.  If one home has significantly more than the other, it's more likely to fetch you more money down the road -- at least, without you having to pay for a bunch of upgrades yourself. home buying tips: Should You Buy a New or Existing Home?

-     Visit both homes a few times

It's easy to only see good things when you tour a house.  You'll have to visit a couple of times to make sure that you're not overlooking anything.  Remember, the little things are going to make or break your house once the "newness" wears off. For example, you might notice that the street floods when it rains or that traffic on the nearby busy street is really noisy when you've got the windows open.

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-     Think about which house fits in best with your own habits

If you love to cook dinner while you watch the news, are the kitchens in both houses positioned in such a way that you'll be able to see the TV?  Or, if you and your husband get ready for work at the same time, is the master bathroom big enough to handle two morning routines?  Or, if your son likes to play video games while your infant daughter is napping, are their rooms far enough apart so that he won't wake her up?

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-     See which home has the most "nice-to-haves"

OK, so both houses meet all of your requirements -- like the right number of bedrooms, the right square footage, and the right commute to work.  But what about all of those things that would be nice to have -- like a half-bath that guests can use, a pool, or a beautiful fireplace? The more "nice-to-haves" you can get without going over your budget, the more you're going to love your new house in the end. real estate trends: How Fast is the Housing Market Recovering?

-     Take a look at both sellers' situationsBefore you make a final decision, talk to your realtor about what each seller is dealing with. For example, if one home has been on the market much longer than the other, you may be able to get away with offering a whole lot less for it.  That alone can make up your mind for you! Or, if the sellers of one home are getting divorced, they might be desperate to get rid of the home sooner rather than later.  Or, if there are a few other people interested in one of the houses, you may not have to deal with outbidding them.

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