How an SR-22 Form Can Increase Your Auto Insurance Costs

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SR-22 insurance or Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) is a document that verifies that a vehicle owner has minimum liability coverage. An SR-22 form is a state-mandated certificate filed by your car insurance carrier with a state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Clients will have to carry an SR-22 form if they have been caught driving without proof of coverage or if they have caused an accident without being financially secured.

How to find low costauto insurance for high riskdrivers?

Agencies will charge drivers who have an SR-22 form higher premiums. High risk drivers will have a difficult time finding affordable collision or comprehensive car insurance. Their best option is to compare prices by using quotes available at

Here, clients can compare multiple auto insurance plans simply by completing a single quote form. The website works based on a professional search engine that selects multiple quotes from different providers based on the information clients provide when completing the questionnaire.

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