How a New Dentist Office In Pasadena Tx Is Wowing Customers.

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PASADENA, Texas, Aug. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- When we think of going to the dentist most of us cringe at the prospect, but a new Dentist Office in Pasadena Texas is doing things a little differently. Instead of the boring dental experience you usually get, Stella Dental Care is giving customers a high end dental experience without increasing the cost. So what does that actually mean? We are going to go through the process and take you along with us to find out.

We first called to schedule an appointment where we were greeted by a very nice receptionist. this was very normal and nothing too different yet. When we walked into the office the next day thats when we noticed the difference. You are immediately greeted with a very modern reception area with incredible fixtures, glass doors, and acrylic seating. This is defiantly not like any other dental office we have been in where you are usually greeted with out of date wallpaper and some furniture you could have inherited from your mother.  Sign in was easy and seamless. After about 20 minutes I was called in by a nurse where she walked me to my room. Usually this is the point we all get nervous and fear starts to kick in, but that didn't happen this time because I was blown away by the large HD flat screen tv. Yes you can watch anything you want while you are getting your teeth worked on! So if you thought going to the dentists would ruin Netflix binge watching time you were wrong. 

I have to admit this experience so far seems more like a getaway than a dentists visit. My cleaning went well and I didn't really notice it as much as I usually do. The dentists seemed to really care and even spent time talking to me about my oral habits after the procedure. I walked out of the office feeling confident and actually happy. I have a feeling this is where all dentist offices will be going in the future. We spoke with Dr Vo a Dentist in Pasadena Tx who runs Stella Dental Care.  She believes people are looking for a better dental experience. People shouldn't hate going to the dentist.There is a stigma that a dentist office is a scary place that people don't want to go too. We are doing our best to make people have a new outlook on dental care. The best part about what she is doing is the things she is adding to give people a better experience dont increase costs. So people are getitng a better experience at a reasonable price. 

With younger generations becoming the largest spenders in our economy who are also cost sensative I believe Dr Vo is on to something and this type of experience is really going to appeal to them. So the next time you need a cleaning or want to try out a new experience when going to the dentist we highly recommend Stella Dental Care in Pasadena Texas. 

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