Houston Plumber, Mammoth Plumbing, Offers Tips to Keeping Drain Lines Clean and Clog Free

Clogged sewer and drain lines are easily avoidable. Mammoth Plumbing, serving Houston and the surrounding suburbs, offers tips and advise from years of experience on how to prevent clogs safely and cleanly

HOUSTON, Oct. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Most homeowners don't pay attention to the drains and toilet in their home until they stop working. The majority of clogs are completely avoidable and preventing clogging is far less expensive than having a plumber come out clean your homes plumbing. Top Houston Plumber

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"A clogged drain line or toilet accounts for a large portion of service calls our plumbers make. We have found that most of the clogs could have been prevented but the homeowners had no idea or misconceptions as to how to keep their drain lines clean," explains Jon Nevarez, Owner of Mammoth Plumbing. "As part of our service to our customers, our master plumbing technicians offer advise and tips to how to prevent and maintain the plumbing system that was just repaired."

These are the tips that Mammoth Plumbing techs provide to homeowners whenever they repair or replace sewer line, hydrojet large clogs, or remove debris from drains:

1. Use Drain Screens

Having a drain screen on your sink or in your shower can help to keep food particles from going down your drain, as well as keeping hair from building up in pipes. Depending on whether you are looking for screens for your bathroom or kitchen sink, or for your bathtub, you can find different sizes to go in your drain and fit snugly and properly. If you use drain screens on a regular basis and make sure to clean them correctly and consistently, that will vastly help to decrease the chances of buildup in your drain and stop clogs from occurring.

2. Watch What Goes In Your Drain

Being careless about what you put in your sink, even if you have a garbage disposal, can play a big part in causing problems with your drains. For instance, peelings for potatoes and fruit, as well as egg shells, are not completely chewed up by the garbage disposal and so the remains stay in your pipes. Pasta and rice are both bad to throw in the sink because the water makes them swell and that causes water leakage. You should also avoid putting coffee grounds, grease and other strange chemicals in your sinks. And of course make sure that no plastic, paper or other foreign objects make their way into the sink that don't belong.

3. Proper Toilet Flushing

Just as bad things going in the sinks can cause clogging, so can flushing things down the toilet. At restaurants and public restrooms they often have signs posted that ask you to not put anything large in the toilet and to dispose of paper towels and other hygiene products in the trash; those are good rules to follow in your own home. If you are flushing old sauces or soups, make sure you do it in small incrememts. Don't place any foreign objects or anything nondegradeable in your toilet either.

4. Keep It Maintained

It's important to keep up good maintenance for your sinks and drains. You can run hot water through the sink after using it each time to let the oils from the food keep running down instead of building up. You can try pouring vinegar or baking soda down your sink regularly, chasing it with boiling water, to help clean them. The baking soda also gets rid of bad odors.

About Mammoth Plumbing:

Mammoth Plumbing is one of the leading plumbing companies in sewer repair, sewer replacement, and drain cleaning in the Houston area. Available 24/7 for all plumbing needs, Mammoth licensed plumbers are bonded, drug screened, and insured for customer protection. Serving Houston and the surrounded suburbs will exceptional customer service and quality workmanship has set Mammoth apart from all the other plumbers. Call today (281) 398-1700 or contact them via their website, www.mammothplumbing.com, to find out how a plumbing problem can be easily fixed.

Media Contact: Jon Nevarez, Mammoth Plumbing, LLC, (281) 398-1700, jon@mammothplumbing.com

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