Hotels For Everyone Partners with Family Tree to Help Those in Need with Every Hotel Booking

Exclusive Family Tree Packages Let Customers See Exactly How They're Transforming Lives

DENVER, Oct. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Hotels For Everyone has helped over 250,000 customers book vacations, business trips and family getaways all over the world, and now they are helping families in need by donating a portion of every hotel booking to Family Tree, a Denver-based non-profit dedicated to helping individuals and families overcome and end child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.

"While many of us have stereotypes of those who are not able to provide proper shelter for themselves, you might be surprised to know that Family Tree's typical client is a single mother with two children," said Hotels For Everyone CEO Matt Garton.

In addition to a donation made to Family Tree for every hotel booking made at, Hotels For Everyone also offers exclusive Family Tree Packages that combine hotel bookings with specific levels of assistance that are displayed to the customer as they are shopping.

"We provide you with a great hotel rate and, with the help of Family Tree, create packages that directly benefit homeless families," Garton said.

Designated Family Tree Packages include one of several benefits ranging from covering the cost of a meal for a homeless child, to providing employment assistance to a parent in need, supplying medication or even helping pay monthly rent for a homeless family.

"At Family Tree, we're driven by some very important core beliefs," said Family Tree CEO Scott Shields. "We believe all people deserve the opportunity to create lasting positive change, and better lives for themselves; with a little help, we believe everyone can be empowered to improve their lives, and the lives of those around them; and we believe that in order to break the cycles of child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness, we need to address these problems holistically, with an in-depth and broad service array,"

Family Tree Packages can now be booked online at by looking for the Family Tree logo alongside hotel descriptions when searching for rates. According to Garton, most destinations can be booked with a Family Tree Package including Las Vegas, Miami Beach, Houston, Orlando, San Antonio and hundreds more.

"It's meaningful and rare for a corporate entity to initiate and lead an original approach to co-branding our two organizations," said Shields.

"One of the mutual goals of Hotels for Everyone and Family Tree, with respect to this partnership, is to elevate the organizations' profiles in this community and beyond," he continued. "[Garton's] unique and genuine combination of altruism, philanthropy and entrepreneurism has already made this new initiative successful, with the potential to grow even more."

About Hotels For Everyone

For over seven years Denver based Hotels For Everyone has been providing guaranteed low rates on world-wide hotel bookings over the phone and at its website,  

About Family Tree

For over three decades, Family Tree has provided innovative, life-changing services designed to end child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. As the only organization in the state to address the interconnectedness among these issues, Family Tree is changing how individuals, families and communities see, respond to and overcome them. In the past year, Family Tree provided services to tens of thousands of people in efforts to empower individuals to discover their own strengths to create lasting, positive change. For more information on Family Tree, visit

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