Holiday Hype or Legitimate Car Deals gets to the bottom of all the holiday car sales and shows you the real way to take advantage of them anytime of the year.

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., June 7, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- In the weeks leading up to every major holiday of the year, we get bombarded by car deal advertisements from every manufacturer out there. Every local dealership in town can't wait to let you know about the holiday car deals that you can't afford to miss.


However, many car buyers are left to wonder, are these promotions and offers legit, or is it really just a ploy to get people onto their car lots and checking out new vehicles?

The answer is yes and no. Of course these sales are primarily designed to get more traffic into their dealerships; otherwise it wouldn't be a very effective method of advertising. It's also true that these holidays do have some very legitimate rebates, incentives and financing deals compared to other sales events.

The impact of the holiday car sale is not nearly what it used to be. The recession changed the priorities and mindsets of the nation as a whole, and it is being clearly reflected in the auto industry.

May is often one of the biggest months for car sales, and Memorial Day is also a big holiday for car buying. Even though auto sales took a considerable leap this past May over last year, it was not as large an increase as projected.

Many point to Memorial Day weekend as a primary culprit. Advertising for the holiday was down compared to most years, and so were the sales. Thanks to the economy and national credit woes, drivers are attracted to real savings and deals; not to holiday fluff.

That being said, holidays do have some very attractive deals most of the time, but they are not the only time of the year you can get discounted pricing. What sets holidays apart for car dealers is really just the day off work that many people will spend in their dealerships trying to buy their next car.

The holidays are not the only time of the year that dealers need to move inventory, so you can find discounted prices online for these cars before ever going to a dealership. Dealers are constantly trying to push out their older models, and the ones that don't fly off the lot as fast sometimes need an extra little push to spur on the sales.

This is why the biggest rebates and incentives are on outgoing models and slower selling vehicles, and it's also why you can always find liquidation prices for them online. The 4th of July car sales and Labor Day sales are especially good for finding deals on outgoing models, since the late summer and early fall is usually packed full of the newer models debuting.

Buying a car on the holiday is really no different than any other time; you have to be prepared and informed before you do anything. Check out all the offers on the cars you want for this coming holiday and do all your homework ahead of time.

Combining holiday car sales with finding prices and financing online, and you can make the most out of any holiday and get the deal that is actually saving you money.

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