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SHANGHAI, April 14, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Global businesses now see the explosion of data and analysis based on them as an unprecedented chance to predict who, when and where customers will buy their products and lead a way out of competition. But to fully realize the impact of those powerful data, they should move on like HMEonline. With the help of "digitization of everything", HMEonline makes the collection of big data more valuable to customers. Pre-installed industry buyers' database powered by 1:1 target marketing turns out to be more intelligent and attractive than ever.

"We are kind of overwhelmed by unexpected volumes of information, and difficulties grow when we try to make every shot told. Fortunately we get efforts paid through," said Joseph Lee, an experienced salesman from a leading steel products export company. "It's incredibly cost-effective, and the introduction letter works like a killer sales team."

The database, which indicated, is a tool full of buying resources designed for those who are eager for more closed deals. Actually, HMEonline has gone far ahead now when everyone enjoys the advantage of big data, it evolves into a high-speed working machine transforming data into good sales performance. "Our database is deriving more value from the great amount of data captured," said James Yang, COO of HMEonline. "By understanding the potential of big data, we realized that email marketing would no longer sustain itself on a batch and blast basis. The use of big data in our EDM system is making 1:1 target marketing possible. Thanks to the intelligence driven by big data, we can attract the prospective buyers who are actually engaged in metal industry. Meanwhile, we go extra mile to acquire their buying requests through more call-to-action marketing contents." The pre-installed industry buyers' database also covers customs data, shipment records, credit evaluation etc, which opens up business intelligence to answer the questions of not only who but what their customers really care.

If you are ready to start from the database, applying a sales and CRM software is the smart step then. Just a few clicks, software users can easily wade through unproductive data until they reach exactly whom they can deal with. "What inspires us to introduce the sales software is that we can perfectly match buyer and supplier from worldwide trade participants." like James said, to refine productive information from massive data has been challenging for most, until the sales software filters information technically based on customer reference. Besides, HMEonline rolled out CRM software which makes purchases soar. Keeping customers buying is surely being noticed as pressing now for it costing less compared with delighting a new customer. HMEonline implements CRM software to drive leads generation activities based on real-time analytics of customer interactions and buying patterns.

Since global businesses are all inevitably involved in the big data war, those who want to survive from competition are supposed to desire a bit of intelligence to turn data into real-life value. No wonder HMEonline is now rising with such an ability.

About HMEonline

HMEonline is an international trading service provider for global metal importers and exporters. The company boasts of its efficiency-oriented online CRM system and optimized profit-driven sales software as well as several services created for business development. Beyond that, it pioneered credit-led business among B2B industry and attracted more than 60,000 traders from 108 countries or regions around the world. Committed to help world buyers and suppliers to start credible and profitable businesses, HMEonline is now generating world attention.

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