Hive Lighting Sets Electrifying Milestone - First Full-Scale Commercial Produced Start to End on Battery Power

Lights, cameras - even the mega-watt star - ran without plugging in, boosting the creative freedom of the production team

LOS ANGELES, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Hive Lighting just set a milestone in filmmaking: it produced the first commercial where everything-lights, cameras, and even the high-revving star-ran on batteries. Normally, sets for television commercials are cluttered with rented generators, electrical cables, and distribution boxes required to power the lights, cameras and sometimes the product itself. This, however, was the first car commercial ever made where everything could be battery-powered.


To see the commercial and the behind-the-scenes "making of" video, visit:

Until now, production companies have been forced to endure expense and endless hassles to get the shots they need. The tangle of power cords that snake around production sets impedes movement of the lights and cameras, slows down actors, and limits directors' flexibility. With Hive's plasma lights, productions can use less energy and be more flexible.

"We staged the taping of our commercial to showcase how our battery-powered plasma lights are making production sets more fluid and creative," said Robert Rutherford, president of Hive Lighting. "Battery-powered lamps can be freely moved about a movie set. Just like the hybrid electric car featured in our commercial, Hive is at the cutting edge of technology."

For the commercial, Hive used its newest line of plasma studio lamps, which operate on such low energy that power cords were replaced with batteries. The working environment immediately became more flexible and productive, and the crew was able to get more set-ups and more creative shots.

Hive's new line of plasma lights burn 50-90 percent less energy than conventional lights, reducing operating costs and enabling productions to lower their carbon footprint. In addition to increasing mobility and reducing energy expenses, Hive's plasma lights have another huge benefit for the production industries: No heat!

That cold beam provided some distinct advantages when taping the commercial. The Hive lights could be placed close to the actress without the uncomfortable heat and running makeup that has always been a factor with other types of lighting. 

"Our mobile, battery-powered plasma production lights are sparking a trend in the image-capture industries," added Rutherford. "Untethered from immobile lights, tangled cables, noisy generators, and extra equipment, directors, actors and crew can concentrate on the creative aspects of making great films and commercials."

Energy Efficiency Only the Start
In addition to enhancing the creative freedom filmmakers are enjoying on their sets, Hive's engineering team has made a number of remarkable advancements in image-capture lighting that are providing numerous benefits to producers, directors and cinematographers. Those achievements include:

  • Energy usage so low Hive lights can run on camera batteries, yet produce up to eight times more light than the equivalent conventional studio light.
  • Reliable performance for more than 10,000 hours, long enough to have a useful working life of over a decade, with no bulb replacements.
  • Single-point source of light that floods the scene with flicker-free, full-spectrum (94 CRI) illumination that doubles perfectly for the sun.

To provide more information for the film industry, Hive produced the The Plasma Challenge video, which documents the making of the commercial. Photos are available at

About Hive
Hive Lighting Inc. makes bright, beautiful, energy-efficient plasma lights for film, TV and digital media production. Made in Los Angeles, Hive's lamps have set new benchmarks for flexibility, energy efficiency and light quality that are transforming the way media is produced. More information is available at and

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