Hiking Safety Measures Are Necessary In Springtime, States Josh Fink

Josh Fink, who is an outdoor enthusiast, has come out in support of an article discussing the importance of safety during springtime hikes.

NEW YORK, April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Josh Fink has come out in support of a new article that details hiking safety tips for those planning to hit the trails now that warmer weather has arrived. The advice comes from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, which is hoping to prevent falls during hiking trips, like one that occurred recently, which required an extensive rescue.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation recommends that hikers should grab a park map before they set out on their expedition, as this document helps a nature enthusiast to get their bearings even if they have no cell phone service.

Josh Fink comments on this advice stating, "Cell phones have become so prevalent in our society that many people just assume that they'll always have their GPS with them. Unfortunately, when cell phone service fails, these individuals are lost and helpless. An old-fashioned map is one of the best things that a hiker can purchase before they depart. That way, even if cell phone service is non-existent, a person can figure out where they are and get home safely. It's important that people learn how to read a map if they don't already know how to do so, too. You'd be surprised how many hikers get maps, but realize they don't actually know how to interpret them when it comes time to use them."

In addition to carrying a map at all times, hikers are advised to embark on a trek with others. In the event of a fall, snakebite, or another potentially dangerous situation, it is important that this individual has support so they can get home safely even if they are hurt. When hiking alone, it becomes more likely that this person will not be able to get the help they need should they become injured. For those who do choose to set out alone, it is important to inform a family member or friend of the intended route. This makes it easier to get help should it become necessary.

For those who want to hike solo but are still concerned about safety, heading out on well-populated trails is the wisest choice. This enables an adventurer to experience nature alone, but helps to ensure safety since others are around to provide aid.

Josh Fink states, "Hiking alone is very peaceful, but also presents more dangers than are present when hiking with another person. Instead of setting out alone, an outdoor enthusiast should try to find a person who enjoys their type of hiking. For instance, if silence is preferred, find a partner who feels the same way. This allows the individual to fully enjoy their experience, without putting him or herself into danger in the event of an emergency."

Lastly, as the weather heats up and more individuals get ready to hit the hiking trail, the article emphasizes the importance of proper supplies. An adventurer should always carry high-energy snacks and water with them. This allows for proper hydration and nourishment while out on the trails.

Josh Fink supports this piece of advice stating, "Getting too dehydrated or fatigued can become problematic quickly. Hikers should bring more water than they feel is necessary, that way they won't run out in the event that their journey goes longer than anticipated." Josh Fink also recommends that hikers pack easy to eat snacks such as trail mix or granola bars.


Josh Fink is passionate about spending time in nature. He regularly goes on hiking, fishing, camping, and snowshoeing expeditions. His two children, who share his love for the outdoors, often join him. As a youth, Josh climbed some of the world's most impressive mountains, including Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro.

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