High Voltage Auctions Launches To Lead Penny Auction Website Customer Experience

HighVoltageAuctions.com Delivers on Quick Shipments, Honest Bidding and Superior Customer Support

EAST FALLS, Pa., Feb. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- High Voltage Auctions announces its GRAND LAUNCH of HighVoltageAuctions.com to become the leader of penny auction websites in quick shipping, superior customer support, and an honest bidding environment.

High Voltage Auction winners will be able to get their items quicker with 2-day shipping, instead of the up to 30-day wait time on other auction sites. The 2-day quick ship time is a huge incentive for shoppers to bid on items at HighVoltageAuctions.com.

An enticement to membership on the website is the superior customer support. Unlike many other penny auction websites, High Voltage Auctions has a toll-free number, and live (not virtual) human agents that are available to answer your membership and bidding questions.

Online forum discussions surrounding penny auctions have already taken notice of High Voltage Auctions. One popular forum member posted, "High Voltage Auctions has excellent customer service, super quick shipping, and is highly regarded among The Bid Lounge community."

High Voltage Auctions Founder Josh Brown, a retail salesman who was originally drawn to the excitement and bargain hunting allure of online auctions, was often frustrated by 30-day shipments, non-existent customer service, and shills on several penny auction websites. Brown knew that auction bidders would gravitate towards an honest bidding environment with excellent customer service so he developed High Voltage Auctions.

The Founder's business mission was, "There will be no back-end, artificial inflation of prices on HighVoltageAuctions.com; all bidding is to be made by members." For those new to penny auction shopping, there are automated software programs on some websites affecting item prices. On HighVoltageAuctions.com, members ONLY bid against other members.

Just as in a traditional auction, some items go for much more money than the retail cost and have shoppers glued to their chairs ready to top the most recent bidder; and other items garner much less interest and are scooped up by members at shocking bargains. Penny auctions have a bid fee and with each bid the item's price is increased by once cent. The Winner's final cost for the item is the amount of bids, plus the price, plus shipping.

Examples of Auction End Prices and the True Amount Paid by Winner (excluding shipping):

Item/Retail Price

Auction End Price         

True Amount Paid

2012 Silver Eagle Coin/$55       


$1.01 ($1 bid + price)

$25 Target Gift Card/$25           


$2.03 (2-$1 bids + price)

$25 Amazon Gift Card/$25           


$12.23 (12-$1 bids + price)

1/4 CTW Diamond Earring/$800       


$1.01 ($1 bid + price)

Samsung Cell Phone/$150            


$1.05 ($1 bid + price)


There are four types of auctions to fit every bidding style: Seated Auctions, Kick-the-Timer Auctions, Standard Timer Auctions and Free-to-Bid Auctions. For shoppers new to penny bidding, there are Beginner Auctions to help the inexperienced get started.  These auctions can only be bid on by members who have never won an auction.

Some auctions have the Buy It Now feature which allows you to apply a portion of the money you have spent towards the retail price of the item, and buy it for the remaining balance. This means you do not have to walk away empty handed from an auction and your bidding is essentially risk free.

Interested shoppers can become HighVoltageAuction.com Members for FREE and purchase a Bid Package based on how many bids they would like to make for an item (or items).

High Voltage Auctions has Registered Members from all over the country. Remember that just with any auction, participation on the website does not mean that you will win an item. It is very important to read the guide to familiarize yourself with how the site works and auction rules.  http://www.highvoltageauctions.com/page/guide

High Voltage Auctions can also be assessed from your smart phone or tablet so that shoppers can be sure to keep their bids competitive.



High Voltage Auctions is a competitive bidding website where shoppers can obtain valuable items such as: gift cards, jewelry, coins, games and electronics for pennies on the dollar. This is due to a unique pay-per-bid format that gives skilled penny auction shoppers the opportunity to save up 99% off of retail prices. For more information, visit: www.highvoltageauctions.com or on social media at www.facebook.com/highvoltageauctions and https://twitter.com/HighVoltageAuct

Media Contact: Josh Brown High Voltage Auctions, 877-240-4367, support@highvoltageauctions.com

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