High-End Chess Set Manufacturer, The House of Staunton, Discusses How Playing Chess Can Boost Your Brain Power

Huntsville, AL, Oct. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Wood chess set supplier, The House of Staunton, explains how chess improves brain function.

While chess is frequently associated with intelligence, you do not need to be a brainiac to reap its benefits. Chess is excellent exercise for the brain. Regular playing may yield several positive results, including:

Better memory. Playing chess enhances the brain's ability to retain and organize information. Those seeing the biggest memory boost play regularly. However, studies show first-time players also see improvements. 

Stronger problem-solving skills. Playing a chess game is similar to solving a complex puzzle. Each time you move, you solve a mini problem. Over time, chess improves the brain's ability to solve complex problems.

Better concentration. Chess teaches focus. Players must observe their opponent's moves and strategize a plan of attack. Concentrating intensely for several hours at a time increases the brain's ability to focus on tasks outside of chess for long periods of time.

Enhanced creativity. Chess exercises the right side of the brain, which is responsible for creative thinking. Regular playing is shown to enhance creativity. Those working in the creative fields may see a boost in inventiveness and imagination.

Higher IQ. Research shows that chess may raise a person's IQ. Brainiacs are not the only people who play chess. People of average intelligence play chess all over the world and see an increase in intelligence as a result. 

Better brain health. Studies indicate that those over the age of 75 are less likely to develop dementia if they play chess. Chess exercises the brain like a muscle and prevents it from losing power. Those concerned about dementia are encouraged to play chess.

Improved planning, judgment, and self-control. Chess strengthens the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain associated with planning and decision-making. Self-improvement seekers will find chess to be a fun, effective means to achieve their goals.

About The House of Staunton: The House of Staunton is an American locally owned and operated small business. For over 27 years, they have manufactured the world's finest chess equipment. They sell a wide variety of chess sets, chess boards, and chess boxes, and are the equipment provider for top chess tournaments worldwide. Their chess sets are featured in numerous movies and television shows as well as on book covers and in print ads!

Media Contact: Shawn P. Sullivan, The House of Staunton, Inc., 256.858.8070, shawn@houseofstaunton.com

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