Health experts say healthy living is key to self preservation and longevity

Health experts have termed healthy living practices as the keep to longer life and self preservation.

OSLO, Norway, March 5, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Health experts have termed healthy living practices as the keep to longer life and self preservation. Although a lot of people spend days looking for wealth, prosperity and self fulfillment, all this means nothing if they can't keep their bodies healthy.  Stating healthy is not a recommendation but a necessity. The problem is today humans have adopted a lifestyle that makes it very hard to keep the body healthy and working at optimum level. According to many health experts, being healthy in the 21st century is the hardest thing to do. If it's not the tempting pleasures of fast foods, it is the toxic CO2 from a factory or car somewhere.


All is not lost though and even in the midst of all these challenges, it is possible to live healthy.  Healthy living is more about making simple choices than regular medical check-ups. Doctors note that information on what is harmful to human health is out there and even though a lot of people know that what they eat is not right, they still do. The temptation is there to be fair and junk food manufacturers spend billions in marking and promotion.

A lot of people may argue that the options are limited especially for those who live the fast life, the time to go home and make good food isn't just there and after a long day at work, takeout at a fast food restaurant or supermarket is probably the most reasonable thing to do. Hellish experts agree that little has been done to inspire a change in lifestyle. Others believe that advocating for a change in lifestyle is harder than advocating for food processing companies to produce healthy food. The truth is if nothing drastic happens in the near future, obesity and low life expectancy rates may increase to a crisis level.

Healthy living is not just about food, a wide range of exercises are also very crucial. Surprisingly though the amount of exercise needed to keep the body (or kropp in Norwegian) healthy is very little in fact, doctors note that the gym might not even be necessary. Walking to work, jogging every weekend or even using the staircase are among simple routine exercise that can go a long way in maintaining good health. Health experts say that making healthier choices in how to live life is difficult.

Realistically it is actually impossible to change lifestyle in one day. However, the recommendation is to start with small decision. In addition to this, expert note that it is imperative for everyone to get nutritional information regarding what they buy in restaurants or super markets. Doctors also advise against smoking, heavy drinking and high sugar soft drinks.  Self preservation and longevity can only be achieved with healthy living. The good thing is achieving a healthy life is not impossible despite all the challenges.

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