HCG Research Study Hints that HCG May Increase Fat Loss in Patients on the Low Calorie HCG Diet According to US HCG Injections

US Hcg Injections discusses a recent study indicates that users taking hcg while on the "hcg diet" had improved fat loss and better muscle retention than those that did not.

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- There has been a love hate relationship with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) for several years. Opponents have railed against the program citing 20 or 30 year old studies and also claiming the diet is extremely dangerous.

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In addition many of the older studies reveal that there is negligible difference in weight loss between users of hcg and non-users of hcg while on the hcg diet. The final nail in the coffin for many critics is the fact that the FDA has stated that hcg drops or homeopathic hcg contains little of no actual hcg in it. This has led many to claim that the diet is a fraud at best and extremely dangerous at worst.

On the other hand supporters of the program give it rave reviews citing tremendous weight loss benefits in as little as 30 days. They often claim that even with the low calorie diet that they were able to successfully complete the program while managing hunger. Some have theorized that this is due to fat metabolism properties of the hormone.

Until this year there has been very little evidence to support the claims above. In addition even going back several years it is very rare or impossible to find any studies that have measured any data beyond bodyweight while on the protocol. As in all tests there should be several variables and when it comes to weight loss, fat loss should be the most important factor.

In this hcg diet research study there appeared to be more control and more data gathered and the findings were as follows:

  • The group that used hcg injections lost an average of 13 pounds over the course of a month using the 500 calorie Simeon's hcg diet protocol
  • The group that did not use hcg at all lost an average of 15 pounds over the course of a month using the 500 calorie Simeon's hcg diet protocol

Most of the older studies in journals and online only looked at weight loss, based on the results above there would be no reason to consider the hcg diet. The results below show why there should be more testing.

  • The group that used hcg lost just 2 pounds of muscle mass while on the diet
  • The group that did not use hcg lost 5 pounds of muscle mass while on the diet

The additional data is quite critical to consider for those looking into HCG weight loss results.

  • There was a 3 lb. difference on average if muscle retention between the hcg group and the non hcg group.
  • Muscle weighs more than fat and even though the total weight loss was similar it is clear that the hcg group lost more actual fat on average.

This is a preliminary study but it offers insight as to the potential effectiveness of the hcg diet when combined with real hcg.

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