Hawthorne Global Updates Customs Broker Houston Procedures

Hawthorne Global Boasts a Knowledgeable and Experienced Team of Customs Brokers Who Remain Up-to-Date with all Relevant and New Procedures.

HOUSTON, April 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Business professionals today understand that the world has become a much smaller place in recent years. The capabilities and benefits of the Internet and wireless technology coupled with advancements in the shipping industry have enabled companies that once operated on a local or domestic scale to expand their reach internationally. This has assisted some companies with growth and development, but it has also created some challenges for them. Many companies that make international shipments on a regular basis are struggling to find a convenient, affordable way to simplify the international shipping process even further. For many companies, one of the most significant burdens associated with international shipments involves dealing with customs brokers. Hawthorne Global is a global leader in international freight forwarding, and it recently has updated its customs broker Houston procedures to best meet the needs of its clients. 

What Is Customs Brokerage?
When a company ships goods into a country, these goods generally must pass through customs. Each country has its unique rules and requirements for passing customs, and these rules may change periodically. It is up to the company shipping the goods to ensure that the shipment complies with local regulations, and this can place a considerable burden on those companies that want to take advantage of the benefits of an international marketplace for their goods. Hawthorne Global offers customs brokerage services in many locations around the world to assist with this process and to ensure that goods are delivered in a timely manner. The company has over 47 years of shipping and freight forwarding experience as well as live personnel on the ground to assist with receiving shipments and working them through customs. 

The Houston Customs Process
In recent years, the customs procedures in the United States have become even more stringent, and many companies that have been working with other freight forwarding services or that have been trying to complete this task in-house are now struggling to keep up with the new regulations and procedures. Because Hawthorne Global has significant experience as well as the manpower and infrastructure necessary to assist with shipments around the globe, it is the company to rely on for all shipping and freight forwarding needs. It most recently has updated its customs process in Houston to account for the new regulations and procedures in place. 

Complete Shipping Solutions
Hawthorne Global is the company that many businesses rely on for all of their shipping needs. The company is a full-service provider of freight forwarding and shipping services, and it can assist with both imports and exports in most areas around the globe. Its services will ensure that shipments meet all guidelines to enter the U.S. or to enter other countries around the globe. With live personnel on hand in locations around the globe plus the infrastructure to move those shipments away from port and to the desired destination with air, ocean or ground services, Hawthorne Global is the company that offers the perfect blend of experience and services to assist with all shipping needs.  

Businesses that are looking for a better overall experience when shipping goods on a global scale are turning to Hawthorne Global. Hawthorne Global was established in 1959, and its staff averages 24 years in the customs business. Companies that are interested in learning more about the incredible range of services that Hawthorne Global may contact its team directly. Through this initial contact, professionals can learn more the different services that are offered and can explore customized solutions that may best meet their needs. Hawthorne Global can be reached by phone at 713-673-8399. More information about Hawthorne Global can also be found online at www.erhawthorne.com

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