Hawthorne Global Enhances Ties to International Shipping Companies and Freight Forwarding Companies

Houston-Based Shipping Companies Join Forces to Provide Even Better Service

HOUSTON, May 31, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Hawthorne Global has been providing international shipping and freight forwarding services to its customers for several decades, and it has recently enhanced ties to international shipping connections to improve the overall experience that it provides to its customers.

Passing Through Customs

When shipping goods to international locations, it is necessary to pass through the customs department. Hawthorn Global is one of the few shipping and freight forwarding companies with established international routes that has a license from the FMC, the Federal Maritime Commission. This license can be used by Hawthorne Global's customers to more easily pass their goods through the customs process in international ports. The company also has a Non Vessel Owner Common Carrier, or NVOCC, license, and this further promotes faster and easier passage of goods through customs.

Established Framework

In addition to having these two important licenses, Hawthorne Global also has established connections in the ports and receiving areas of 77 countries around the globe. This includes having established ties with 105 freight fowarders. Few other freight forwarding companies can make this important claim, and it is a prime indication for customers that there will be someone on-site at the port or other reception area to receive the goods as they arrive by plane, by sea or through another means. Someone will be on-hand to ensure that the goods are received and to direct them through the next leg of their journey to the final destination.

The Right Plan

When a company selects a freight forwarding or international shipping service provider to work with, it is imperative for the company to spend time focusing on the development of a shipping or freight forwarding plan for goods. Because of the incredible infrastructure that Hawthorne Global has in place around the globe, the company can truly benefit customers who need to ensure timely, affordable delivery of their products. Rather than limit its customers and clients with a handful of freight forwarding locations and ports that customers must use, Hawthorne Global provides its customers with the ability to create a truly customized and beneficial plan for shipping needs.

Hawthorne Global's enhanced ties to international shipping companies and freight forwarding companies can be put to excellent use by all of its clients and customers. These connections and ties will promote easier passage of goods through customs in ports of call and final shipping destinations, and they can also promote easier reception and conveyance of those goods as they arrive in a port and travel to their final destination.

Many companies today are conducting business on an international scale to some degree. They may be importing goods that are used as components in their finished products, or they may rely on imported equipment or other related items from other countries. While many will need to import products or components, many also export their products to other companies. These may be fully finished products that will be sold in foreign markets, or they may be components that are used in assembly workshops or factories in foreign countries. When companies regularly export products as part of their business operations, it is in their best interest to work with a shipping service provider or freight forwarding company for simplified, streamlined processes.


Hawthorne Global has been providing their customers with speedy, efficient shipping solutions since 1959. Now they've announced enhanced ties to international shipping companies that will improve upon the already excellent quality of service they can provide. Those who are interested in learning more about Hawthorne Global and their incredible global connections available in dozens of countries around the globe can contact the company at 866-514-03691.

Media Contact: Gary Gardner, Hawthorne Global, 866-514-3691, glgardnerjr@gmail.com

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