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SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Oct. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Those North Face jackets are so cool!!!  Wait, who the heck are those two guys….huhhh….ehhh…..huhh……I can't remember.  Do you think Mitt called Paul up and said…."Dude we should throw on the North Face Jackets….we will look so hip" (http://money.cnn.com/2012/10/16/news/economy/romney-north-face/).  Ehhhh probably not, but it is pretty cool that both of them were wearing the most iconic outdoor brand on this planet.  Has it been mentioned the guy who founded The North Face is even cooler than those cool guys (Hap Klopp)?  Well, maybe not cooler but he has a heck of a story and it is starting to be shared all over.  It will strongly resonate with any employee or leader in any organization.

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One might wonder if Scott Romney (Mitt's older brother) would appreciate that this article focuses on the founder of the brand The North Face (Hap Klopp).  Back in the day at Stanford (BB – Before Brad) Hap Klopp won the intramural boxing championship event with a knock out. Oh….he knocked out Mitts brother Scott.  That is hilarious in itself and it in fact really happened. Well, Hap most likely did it gently as he does everything and with strong conviction.  Some of us know first hand Haps intellectual punch goes much deeper into the skin that a physical one.

Today, Hap Klopp sits on the boards for many companies and additionally has written a book about leadership called "Conquering The North Face" (www.hapklopp.com)  Please learn and wartch more at (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWky4EPBVbA&feature=youtu.be).  This book truly embraces what leadership means and what it can do or not do for that matter.  It shows how good leaders tend to truly be hero's and let their employees be empowered to make decisions.  It talks about the base of where great companies have to start to have some form of semblance of success.  It places more emphasis on the importance of corporate culture, environment, and ideologies than what is at the bottom line in terms of profits. In fact, it states companies will have great sales and soaring profits if they put more focus on corporate culture, environment, and ideologies. 

Well…many people have said to me "BUY THIS BOOK" if you want to learn something.  G-d knows we all have a ton to learn.  One place to start learning right now is in Hap's book "Conquering The North Face" (www.hapklopp.com).  Perhaps guys like Mitt and Paul would greatly benefit from the teachings about leadership in this book as would anyone!

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