"Hap Climbs Peaks All Day Everyday"

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- And I quote this from pure memory from my good friend Hap, "You can't cross a chasm with two small steps.  For good or ill, you have entrepreneurism in your blood.  This means you are a risk taker and don't do things half way, you fully commit.  You aren't wrong, you are just an entrepreneur.  Brad, some of us enjoy a screwed up life.  We spell that life with capitals LIFE".  Awwwww…that was just the beginning of where this short article goes.  Please don't stop and keep reading or I will whack you all upside the head!

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I ran after this handsome white haired guy (at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake) when nobody followed him off the podium.  He was alone and did not appear to be in any rush.  I handed him my shaky hand from the nerves of my misguided mind, but crap did I have ideas.  I said, "Everyone wants something from you and I want nothing but time and a chance to get to know you".  Now that was just the start of taking this crazy ride down a zig zag path (short one) that would change my perception…..vision….and direction forever.  Guys……it changed everything for my field of vision on successful people and people in general.  Oh…this guy was Hap Klopp the founder of TNF (The North Face).  Did I mention he gave me all kinds of time and helped me move a car that had no gas in the tank.  So did his buddy Jack Stone (owned Umbro).  I now had two guys fooled that I knew what I was doingJ  Truth be told my partner (Lee Loebman) and I both knew where we were going and we hit the gas pedal once we had gas.  Lee had a vernacular on how to see things and quite frankly is brilliant in a super subtle way.  I could drive a rusty car in a straight line and could care less about what was in my way.  Yeah…I did a few lawn jobs in my time.  Who the heck didn't if they knew how to live. Always feels nice for those wheels to hit some vegetation. Enough about me and Lee and let's get back to Hap.

He is not that tall, but has a firm hand shake when he locks hands with anyone…….and a mental capacity that is huge….moves fast…very calculated…and most important cares about the guy on the other side of the table.  Hap could talk to a bum on the street or a billionaire.   He is a true humanitarian who just happens to have a big brain.  This Stanford grad does more than make things happen…..he makes those around him feel the way we should all feel…simply put happy.  I am always happy when around Hap……man that sounds so right.

Hap has no idea I wrote this article and probably will be pissed, but who the heck cares. He does not like this kind of attention and I don't really care.  Just do me a favor and absorb the knowledge Hap has shared by hitting this link http://hapklopp.com/Home.html  Hap…I apologize for nothing here…..I can't repay what you have shared with me that has helped me grow.  You are a mentor of life experiences that extends far beyond business.  You have climbed many peaks and I am happy to lag right behind your force.  Thank you.

By Bradley D. Weisman

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