HAMP Modification Qualification Analysis Software Helps Loss Mitigation Businesses Raise Their Bottom Lines

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The REST Report, an impartial analytics tool that helps home owner assistance businesses to find the best foreclosure alternatives for their clients, has been recently updated to handle the new HAMP modification guidelines. The tool provides a fast loan disposition analysis that will help the loss mitigation specialists to approximate how the bank or the servicer would evaluate the home loan when deciding to approved or deny a HAMP loan rewrite. The recent extension and expansion of the Home Affordable Modification program will make the government backed foreclosure alternative option available to many more people, and the REST Report provides a surefire way for companies that handle mortgage modifications to quickly and efficiently process these HAMP applications.

The software provided by REST (Real Estate Services and Technology) uses current information on government and proprietary loan workout programs to calculate a homeowner's eligibility for these programs. The REST Report can also be programmed to handle a certain lender's set of calculations. Using this report, homeowner advocate businesses and professionals can quickly and accurately determine what types of options are available for their clients that are facing foreclosure. While the REST Report does not guarantee that a loan rewrite or other foreclosure solution will be approved, it does consistently mirror the results of the lender or loan servicer. In case a REST Report shows a favorable result and the servicer still denies the modification, the Report's findings are so accurate that they can and have been used as legal evidence when taking the lender's decision to court.

A recent offering from REST and the AAA (American Association of Attorneys and Legal Professionals, Inc.) brings even more power to the legal side of fighting a home foreclosure. This new offering, called the REST Connect, combines the legal expertise of the AAA's foreclosure defense attorneys with the rock solid evidence provided through the REST Report. This new offering is already available to all AAA members and licensees of the REST Report. The program can be seamlessly incorporated into any qualifying foreclosure defense business' current business model, and help them to start better providing for their clients' needs and earn more at the same time. Clients who have had difficulty with applying for the HAMP before would especially benefit from choosing a service affiliated with the REST Connect.

A recent REST Report testimonial from the Law Offices of Thomas J. Minotti, NY, states: "As a busy bankruptcy law firm focusing on solutions for mortgage issues, we were well aware of the 2012 changes in the HAMP programs, as well as the implications of the National Mortgage Settlement. We were already faced with the challenges of providing accurate and critical data when facing opposing counsel in court, and the new programs only added layers of complexity. The REST report does far more than cut through the complexities of the new programs, but it also gives us all of the compelling data points we now use when arguing our cases before the court. Mortgage servicers will almost always default to denying modifications whenever they can, and the REST report allows us to corner them on their denials and force them into better negotiating positions."

The REST Connect platform driven by the REST Report and AAA are now available to all affiliates of AAA and licensees of the REST Report. Interested firms and distressed homeowners may find more information on REST Connect by visiting http://RESTReport.com.

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