Gulf Coast Spine Care Announces New Options for Treating Sciatica Pain

New and Effective Sciatica Treatments Now Available

HOUSTON, Oct. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- In and around the Houston area, many individuals of all ages are suffering from the painful and bothersome symptoms of sciatica. Sciatica is a medical condition that describes compression of the spine. Essentially, the spine is pinching or compressing the sciatic nerve, and a number of troublesome and painful symptoms can develop. This condition can be caused by everything from the degenerative effects of aging to accidents and injuries. Gulf Coast Spine Care is a specialty medical clinic that is known for providing Houston area residents with effective treatments of neck and back conditions, and it has recently announced new treatment options for patients with sciatica.

Patients who are experiencing symptoms of sciatica should contact the team at Gulf Coast Spine Care to obtain an accurate diagnosis as a first step toward seeking effective treatment. Some people may suspect that they have sciatica, and others may have done some research of their own on the internet and decided sciatica is a likely cause of their symptoms. With an initial consultation at Gulf Coast Spine Care, an accurate diagnosis will be made. If the diagnosis confirms that sciatica is causing the patient's symptoms, the treatment options, including the new treatments, can be discussed in detail.

When the patient's symptoms are being caused by compression of the sciatic nerve, alleviating the compression is the best treatment. There are several ways that the pressure on the sciatic nerve can be alleviated. Some of these include manual massage therapy and the use of different types of gentle exercises. Some doctors may also prescribe pain medications to help treat the pain. When long-term, effective relief is needed and these options do not provide the level of relief that is desired, more extensive treatment options can be explored. Gulf Coast Spine Care's expanded line of sciatica treatments has options to help treat every symptom.

Through Gulf Coast Spine Care, patients can work with Dr. Howard B. Cotler to explore surgical options available for sciatica. Surgery is generally only considered when other options do not provide effective relief, but surgery may alleviate symptoms or cure the condition altogether. It can be highly effective, and Dr. Cotler can help each patient to determine if this is the right treatment option for him or her. While all surgeries come with some risks and side effects, it is important to note that sciatica surgery is safe and can be highly effective at providing relief. Surgery is just one of the options now offered by Gulf Coast Spine Care.

Gulf Coast Spine Care specializes in providing effective treatments for a wide range of conditions that affect the neck and back. When an individual is dealing with pain from a pinched nerve, as is the case with sciatica, effective surgical treatments may be ideal. Patients can contact Gulf Coast Spine Care today to begin reviewing some of the options in greater detail and to learn more about the new and effective treatment options that are now being offered.


Gulf Coast Spine Care and Dr. Howard B. Cotler have been assisting Houston area patients with their neck and back conditions for years, and the team offers treatments for conditions that include everything from a pinched nerve to a herniated disk and more. Those who are interested in learning more about treatment options that may be best for them can contact the team at 877-780-9504.

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