Gulf Coast Spine Care Announces New Herniated Disc Treatments

Effective Treatments Now Available For Herniated Discs

HOUSTON, Oct. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Between each spinal bone in a person's back, there are special discs made of a spongy material that are located strategically to cushion the bones, to provide support and to protect the spine. Their function is imperative for movement. When these discs become damaged the condition is known as a herniated disc. Most often, a herniated disc is a disc that is bulging or broken in some way, and damage is often caused by an accident or injury to the back. This can result in a significant amount of pain for the individual, and it can affect range of motion and mobility. Gulf Coast Spine Care has been assisting individuals with neck and back pain for many years, and this experienced medical team now offers new treatments for herniated discs.

A herniated disc can be extremely painful for an individual to deal with. Upon receiving the initial diagnosis, many individuals are provided with a prescription for strong pain medications. This medication can alleviate the pain for a short period of time, but in many instances, the pain is so severe that the individual is not able to move comfortably. The ability to go to work, spend time with family and perform other basic tasks is limited. Furthermore, many individuals do not want to take strong medication on a regular basis because of the side effects and the concern for developing a dependency for the medication. With the new treatments available from Gulf Coast Spine Care strong medications can be avoided.

When an individual initially visits Gulf Coast Spine Care, the diagnosis of a herniated disc will be confirmed. The team at this medical center has over 20 years of experience treating conditions affecting this area of the body, and some of the treatments provided are surgical treatments. Two of the most common surgical treatments available for a herniated disc include discectomy and disc replacement. In addition, epidural injections may also be available that can alleviate some of this pain for a period of time. The new treatment options will be reviewed with the patient in detail so that the patient can make a more informed decision about his or her health.

In many cases, epidural injections provide the patient with short-term relief, and the pain will return at some point. These injections block the pain without addressing the cause of the condition. When surgical solutions are the ideal treatment option recommended by the team at this medical center, patients will be treated with compassion as well as expertise. Surgical treatment may provide permanent alleviation of the symptoms, and this can have a significant effect on quality of life.

Whether an individual has already been diagnosed with a herniated disc or is in need of an accurate diagnosis, he or she can schedule an initial appointment with Gulf Coast Spine Care. Through Gulf Coast Spine Care, individuals can learn more about the solution that may be most effective at providing on-going or permanent relief of the symptoms.


For many years, Dr. Howard B. Cotler and his team at Gulf Coast Spine Care have been assisting local patients in the Houston area with diagnostic and treatment options for patients suffering from a wide range of conditions affecting the neck and back. Those who are interested in scheduling an initial consultation with this medical team can call the office at 877-780-9504.

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