Green Smoke® E-Cig Review & Coupon: In The Battle For Best E-Cig, Do Green Smoke® E-cigs Deliver A Real Punch? Tests Green Smoke® E-cigs

Research house reviews the electronic cigarette market and asks whether the extra vapor produced by Green Smoke is enough to crown it best e-cigarette on sale

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- With more than 2.5 million Americans turning to electronic cigarettes for reasons such as saving money or to use as a more sociable alternative, the electronic cigarette marketplace is fairly congested. Research outfit, has focused a new study on the e-cig market, and product reviewer Brian Lemis has compiled an in-depth report recommending the Green Smoke® brand e-cigarettes as the smoker's choice.

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"Upon comparing the market and the differentiators between the different brands, it was obvious before I even tried the Green Smoke® range that it has a unique selling point; its additional vapor," said Lemis. "It uses innovative technology to heat the liquid within the cartomizers, which produces a heavier hit of vapor, more akin to that of a regular cigarette. This is really critical when considering which brand to go for, as of course smokers are looking for an authentic experience."

Electronic cigarettes are continuing to gain momentum as smokers are further restricted by both law and social stigma. The fact that they produce no smoke, no smell, no ash and no butt means that smokers can enjoy all the taste and sensation of having a cigarette, without the social exclusion or concern of finding an area to smoke. 

"Although many of us enjoy the occasional cigarette, we are continually reminded by the media and even our families, on the negatives of smoking, such as the nasty odor, the anti-social element and the pollution from cigarette butts," continued Lemis. "Unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes leave you smelling fresh and clean, not to mention that they do not produce any ash or butts.."

As well as providing a more realistic hit of nicotine, Lemis feels that the brand has other key properties that distinguish it in the busy sector. Firstly, the Green Smoke® e-cigarettes feature a green tip that gradually increases a red burn when puffed, and takes a few moments to go out when not in use. This is similar to the way that a regular cigarette tip naturally lights and fades, and when combined with the extra-light weight of the Green Smoke® e-cigs, smokers could be forgiven for thinking that they were smoking the real thing.

"One of the things that also make the Green Smoke® e-cigarettes very popular is its range of authentic tasting flavors," concluded Lemis. "I tried the menthol flavor and found it entirely comparable, and in fact preferable, to my normal menthol brand. The Red Label™ flavor has been well-received by those used to big brand red cigarettes, and it also caters for the more exotic taste, with chocolate or vanilla flavors too." 

Green Smoke® e-cigarettes have received excellent online reviews, and come in a range of strength from zero to strong. Whilst Lemis' overall review is positive, he also covers the pros as well as the cons, information on guarantees, and also where the best place to purchase is. 

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