Greedy Grub - Mobile Simulation Game where player takes care of a Magical Forest receives holiday season update for Xmas

Pixowl Delivers a Simulation Game for Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod touch Steeped in Comic Book Storyline & Vibrant Visuals

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Pixowl is proud to announce a new update to its title, Greedy Grub, available worldwide on the Google Play marketplace for Android and App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Greedy Grub is a simulation game where you need to expand a forest by replanting lots of different trees, watering them and collecting their fruits. With over 500,000 players since its first launch, the game receives a holiday season update featuring -- for a limited time only -- an exclusive Christmas Tree and 10 winter Decoration items. It also  adds several new generic missions and increases the rewards players can collect through their actions. In addition,  Pixowl collaborated with Intel to optimize Greedy Grub on Intel's latest platform for tablet devices.


"Greedy Grub is a story full of rebounds and learnings with a universally appealing character," said Laurel. "Greedy Grub's universe – the Magical Forest – is both enchanting and very customizable for players. It's a delightful combination of story, sweet characters and episodic content. The game celebrates life and all the wonders of nature."

In Greedy Grub, players assume the role of Grub, a small earthworm whom has fallen from the Eye Tree and becomes separated from his family. Quickly adapting to fate, Grub is adopted by the Magical Forest's Mayor Apollo the Owl and becomes his assistant.  In "Our Forest," the first episode of Greedy Grub, we learn the Magical Forest has been sorely depleted of its resources after a very harsh winter.  It's up to the player - and Grub - to help revive the forest by planting trees, managing them and harvesting them.

Throughout the game, players embark on different quests such as finding the lost daughters of a mother squirrel or planting a Joke Tree for a big surprise. Throughout the episodes, Grub encounters and helps a variety of forest inhabitants including Al the Selling Seeds Shrew, Zada The Architect Ant, Yves the Banker Pig and Boulet the Scientist Panda onto various tasks to settle after the winter and solve the mystery of the Forest.

The game's features include:

·       Eight unique episodes:  New episodes to be launched every 3 months based on user feedback.

·       Narrative unlocks as players progress in their mission of replanting The Magical Forest.

·       More than 70 rewarding quests ranging from Forest restoration to day-to-day tasks.

·       Unlockable Greedy Grub comic book.

·       More than 45 different trees and plants such as juicy Burger Trees, rich Milk Trees and raw Sushi Trees.

·       Ability to craft unique trees at the Lab and beautify the forest with custom decorations.

·       Optional player account creation to save progression online and restore it on any other device.

·       Friend other players, visit their unique forests, send them personal messages or gift objects.

·       16 unique, adorable characters such as:

                  Mayor Apollo: An owl is the Forest's Mayor and protector. Old and wise, he is aided by his cane,        and is       dedicated to maintaining peace and harmony.

                  Lola: The single squirrel mom with three daughters. Nobody knows why her husband left.     Although she has her hands full with three crazy kids, she's the nicest person in the Forest.

                  Vedmo: An old botanist toad, specializing in potions, fertilizers and poison. She is the second-oldest    person in the forest, after the Mayor. However, many people think they're the same age.               Unfortunately, she seems to have disappeared…

                  Boulet: Doc Boulet is the Forest's scientist. He built a machine that allows the Mayor to breed               new          trees at his home. However, the machine is a bit temperamental and so the Mayor is      always cautious     when using it.

·       Over 500 Completely unique items ranging from to Curiosity and Horrors Shops to Jellyfish Tanks and Forest Dwarves to collect!

·       In-game virtual currency: Azurites crystals allow players to progress more quickly through the game, but are not required to enjoy the full game.

·       An "earth" forum to encourage open discussions to solve the enigmas and trade anything players have found with others.

The Greedy Grub App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Android devices on Google Play at

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