Greedometer Flashes Warning. Slightly higher than 3 months before 2007-09 crash

6 previous warnings were all followed by stock market collapse, requiring more Fed support. Is there more?

RALEIGH, N.C., March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Jeff Seymour, Engineer, Author, and President of Triangle Wealth Management is being nationally and internationally recognized for developing an investment risk gauge called the Greedometer.  In the last few days, Mr. Seymour has been interviewed by / quoted in Dow Jones Market Watch, Bloomberg Europe, and Canada's largest newspaper - The Globe & Mail.


The uniqueness of the Greedometer is owed to Mr. Seymour's education and credentials that include finance as well as an engineering degree.  Mr. Seymour says, "The Greedometer gauge integrates 9 parameters spanning macroeconomic, fundamental, and technical data sources. Every time the gauge warned previously, U.S. stock markets peaked shortly after then began crashing. Granted, each collapse was stopped by more Fed & ECB monetary policy support. But it looks like more monetary steroids -above what's already deployed- is not in the cards anymore. "

His book "Greedometer 2.0. The Rats Are Jumping Ship." explains why a global recession began in 2012, will spread in 2013, and why the Greedometer forecasts a stock market crash in 2013-14 that is larger than the 2007-09 crash. Copies of the book in kindle e-book format are going to be downloaded for free on during a 1-day promotion in early April. 

Inspiration for the name of the book comes from two phenomena seen during the last phase of a stock market rally that precedes a crash. One of which is corporate insiders quietly but expeditiously selling their shares at a pace that could only be described as a panic. Two weeks ago, corporate insiders (on NYSE listed companies) were dumping their shares at more than 10X the pace they were buying. The rats were jumping ship while retail investors were piling back into stocks at a pace not seen since March 2000 (immediately prior to the stock market collapsing).  The second phenomenon is greed incarnate: the use of buying on margin. February's margin buying levels will match or exceed the all-time high seen shortly before the 2007 - 2009 crash. 

One explanation for the interest in the Greedometer is there is an interactive version of the Greedometer on his website ( This allows for commonly known factors (the VIX, profit margin, P/E etc) to be input, showing the Greedometer reading in real time. 

The site also has videos showing the Greedometer before and during previous crashes. 

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