Goodwill Car Donation Now Accepting New Jersey Car Donations, Chicago Car Donations, New York Car Donations, Rhode Island Car Donations, and North Carolina Car Donations

Goodwill Car Donations is now accepting charitable donations of vehicles in any condition in New York, Chicago, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and North Carolina. More information is available online at

WASHINGTON, July 31, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- "Charity begins at home," and there is no better way to help oneself while doing a great service to others than by making a car donation to Goodwill.  Goodwill Car Donations is now accepting used vehicle donations in Chicago, Georgia, Rhode Island, North Carolina and many other areas. A Goodwill car donation provides either transportation for others badly in need of a car or brings funds for Goodwill through the sale of the vehicle gift, while also giving the donor an approved tax deduction.


There are many options when the time comes to get rid of a used car, such as trading it in at a dealer, selling it personally, or demolition, but the one viable choice too often overlooked is a Goodwill Car Donation. accepts all types of vehicles, in all conditions, whether they are running or not, and towing is free. Goodwill's donation program extends far beyond passenger cars; it also accepts truck donations, boat donations, Jet Ski donations, RV donations, motorcycle donations, snowmobile donations, and even airplane donations. All donated vehicles are put to good use, regardless of their condition and running order. Older vehicles that are beyond repair or have little or no resale value can still bring vital funds to Goodwill's deserving programs when they are sold to salvage yards as scrap metal, so any vehicle in any condition can benefit others.

Not all cars donated to Goodwill are broken down or in need of repair. Many people making automobile donations generously give vehicles that are in good running condition, even later model cars, simply in the spirit of helping others.

The vehicle donation process is quick and simple for the donor, who only has to contact Goodwill Car Donations on line or by telephone at (800) 433-3828, answer a few simple questions regarding the vehicle being donated and the location where it can be picked up, and arrange for a pick up and transfer of ownership papers. Goodwill Car Donations does all the rest, from scheduling a towing company to pick up the vehicle free of charge within 24 to 48 hours to delivering the paperwork to verify the donation for tax benefit purposes.

There are a number of advantages to calling upon Goodwill Car Donations to give up a vehicle with no hassles beyond a charitable tax deduction, including safety, convenience, and knowing that the donation is helping others get jobs are all important factors to consider when donating a car. The donor does not have strangers coming to his/her home and there is no haggling with car salesmen over trade-in values, which invariably are going to be disappointingly low and generally minimal. On the other hand, donating a car assures the donor of a charitable tax deduction that can often be of higher financial benefit than a meager trade-in or the sale price to a private party.

Goodwill's vehicle donation program has grown rapidly recently, with a number of individuals making generous Chicago car donations, New York car donations, New Jersey car donations, Rhode Island car donations, North Carolina car donations, and Colorado car donations.

All that has to be done to make a donation is to connect to or place a toll free phone call to (800) 433-3828, 24/7, to speak to a representative who will provide complete details and expedite the donation in a matter of minutes.

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