Gold and Silver Accumulation, the benefits of spreading deposits.

Reduce the risk of price volatility

LONDON, March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Recent months have shown great volatility in commodity prices and the gold and silver price were not exception. The developed nations are still in a race who can print the most money, either through austerity measures or to devalue their currencies to improve exports. The economic outlook in the US might seem to be improving, but growth is still dire and employment is high. In Europe there seems to be no direct solutions to the debt crisis and the political landscape makes it hard to make fast and effective decisions. As a hedge against inflation and currency risk consumers are still dipping parts of their savings into gold and silver. But with recent price action timing can be a difficult thing. To dilute some of the price risk associated with investing in precious metals one can option to engage in a gold or silver accumulation plan.


Gold accumulation plans were first introduced by Japanese firm Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo during the 1980s. With an accumulation plan clients transfer fixed amounts of money which are converted into gold or silver. The amounts can be small and the premiums are much lower than purchasing smaller coins or bars. By purchasing on a monthly basis over a longer period of time clients lower the risks of sudden changes in the price of gold and silver. (see image, past 6 months of gold accumulation) An accumulation plan can partly take away the risks associated with investing in the gold and silver market.

In Europe SaveGuards launched an new innovative product that allows gold and silver accumulation. Clients transfer a monthly predetermined amount of euros to their SaveGuards savings account where gold or silver is automatically bought (in grams). Clients can also make extra transfers on top of the automatic monthly savings. The amount of gold grams accumulates and are converted into a bullion bar, once the bar is at 100%, it can be either sold back, sent home or kept in storage. Items are securely stored in high security vaults in Switzerland. All gold and silver comes from LBMA refiners. Clients will have 100% ownership and each bullion bar registration number is registered and stored in in your personal account.

Besides gold and silver the company also provide VAT free storage on Platinum and Palladium bullion bars.

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