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FARMINGTON, Conn., Nov. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Global Information, Inc, in partnership with Amadee & Company, Inc, are pleased to announce an exclusive, dramatic reduction in price of four significant, high-quality market research reports covering a wide range of topics. Through the end of 2012 CEOs, business development and marketing professionals, investors, market watchers, and students are invited to save more than 75% on premium water infrastructure, rail infrastructure, batteries, and rare metals market research reports from the world-leading analysts at Amadee & Company.


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Tungsten: Markets, Competitors and Opportunities 2012 - 2022 Analysis and Forecasts

Tungsten's unique properties make it essential to the manufacture of everything from drill bits to cruise missiles; there are no known substitutes. China currently dominates the supply of tungsten and is expected to do so for the next decade. However, the Chinese government has adopted restrictive policies including implementing quota systems, increasing tax rates and pushing for industry consolidation, etc. to reorganize its tungsten industry, the same as in its rare earth industry. Chinese primary tungsten production will be curbed to half its historical growth rate going forward. Further, very few tungsten mines outside of China are expected to be in production, or close to beginning production, during the next few years.

This report has been reduced in price by more than 75% through the end of 2012. To read an executive summary, browse the table of contents, or to request a free sample from the full report, visit

Lithium Ion Battery Materials: Including Cathode, Anode, Separator, Electrolyte – 2012-2022 Analysis and Forecasts

Lithium ion batteries are one of the most important technologies of the early 21st century. New markets for lithium ion batteries are emerging including hybrid and electric (xEV) batteries and, eventually, energy storage systems (ESS). Materials take up approximately 70% of lithium ion battery production costs. The market for materials used to make lithium ion batteries – cathode, anode, separator and electrolyte – currently boasts the greatest mid- to long-term growth potential in the electronic material industry.

The 170-page report provides an in-depth look at key topics ranging from lithium ion battery demand to key strategic issues, major opportunities and top players.

This report has been reduced in price by more than 75% through the end of 2012. To read an executive summary, browse the table of contents, or to request a free sample from the full report, visit

Railway Infrastructure: Global Markets, Competitors, Technologies and Opportunities in the New Epoch of High-Speed Trains, 2012-2022 Analysis and Forecasts

Interest is growing in railways across the globe. Global demand for railways is increasing, as plans to construct high-speed rail links come to the fore in China, Europe and the US as part of a modal shift toward using mass transportation systems that have less environmental impact. In terms of transportation modes, railways now have the edge in energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Rail infrastructure is needed in both industrialized nations and emerging economies. Major countries are now increasing railway infrastructure investment.

This report provides an in-depth look at the global railway infrastructure market including: The root cause of rail's new attention; the role of urbanization, energy efficiency and environmental factors; increasing rail infrastructure investment; detailed analysis of the global rail infrastructure market by segment from 2012 to 2022.

This report has been reduced in price by more than 75% through the end of 2012. To read an executive summary, browse the table of contents, or to request a free sample from the full report, visit

Water: The Ultimate Commodity and Coming Crisis of the 21st Century - Global Markets, Competitors and Opportunities: 2011-2012 Analysis and Forecasts

The cliche of water as blue gold is becoming increasingly relevant. Growing imbalances in global water supply and demand are well documented and illustrate the unsustainable nature of water consumption patterns. Three major factors are exerting stress on the global water supply and demand balance: rural/urban migration, climate change and pollution. The bottom line is that demand is outstripping supply.

The global water industry has outperformed most others over the past decade in part due to strong secular growth drivers: demand for fresh water growing 2x population growth; increasing dependence on non-renewable aquifers for incremental supply; ongoing industry consolidation (in regional utilities, water treatment, and key technologies); aging infrastructure; ongoing investment in conservation; and growing recognition that water issues are a limiting factor for a range of industries, including nascent ones such as coal-to-olefins and biofuels.

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