Gettysburg, PA Police Turn to CODY Systems' Data Integration Platform for Heightened Security and Awareness in Preparation for 150th Anniversary

Crime Data from the Gettysburg Police Department, PA is now live in the South Central PA Task Force's real-time data integration platform to increase officer awareness and security in the Borough in preparation for the 150th anniversary of the pivotal Civil War battle

POTTSTOWN, Pa., March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The year 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of one of the most pivotal moments in American history, the Battle of Gettysburg. Millions flock to Gettysburg each summer for reenactments and other events to commemorate the historic battles that took place there in 1863. The Borough of Gettysburg anticipates almost double its normal volume of visitors this year for the 150th anniversary festivities. For a Borough of only 1.5 square miles with a population of 7,500, Gettysburg's law enforcement officials have had to prepare for this heavy influx of people to ensure the safety and security of its visitors.

Part of their security strategy was to participate in the real-time data integration platform already in place at the South Central PA Task Force (SCPTF) which shares information on crime, people, vehicles, and other vital data from across many police departments in the south-central PA region.

The SCPTF Regional Information-sharing Network includes participating police departments across the 8 county region, which includes Adams County, of which Gettysburg is the county seat. Additional departments in the region, including Lancaster City PD and the Eastern Adams Regional Police, will soon be replicating data into the SCPTF system as well.

Chief Frank Williamson of the Lower Allen Township PD serves as the Data-sharing Working Group Chair for the SCPTF. "The South Central Task Force's Data Sharing project gained a representative sampling of agencies from all eight counties in the region to participate in the project," said Chief Williamson. "To date, we have agencies in Cumberland, Dauphin and Lancaster County sending data to the regional server.  Additional agencies in Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster and Lebanon County will soon be sharing their data as well.  The Gettysburg area of Adams County was a perfect choice for participating in the regional data sharing project."

In place for over 18 months, provides officers at participating SCPTF agencies with a one-stop search of real-time, actionable information on individuals, vehicles, incidents and more from across all of their law enforcement records management databases, at both the desktop and in the field, through the use of a web search app called C.tac.  C.tac also proactively alerts officers in the field of threats, especially when dealing with unknown persons or vehicles.

"This area receives thousands and thousands of visitors each year," commented Chief Williamson. "Gettysburg is a short 30 minute drive south on US 15 from Cumberland County. They encounter many of the same people that the agencies in the more populated Harrisburg and Lancaster area encounter. The inclusion of Gettysburg, along with Cumberland Township and Eastern Adams Regional in the near future, will enable all agencies to share more comprehensive and real time data on criminals."

The use of the revolutionary technology, which is currently in active use across both PA and the United States sharing over 150 million records, will be especially vital during the 150th anniversary celebration, as the Gettysburg PD deals with the huge influx of unknown persons and vehicles from well beyond its borders.

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