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DENVER, Jan. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Removing photos from georgia mug shot websites as soon as possible is extremely important, and is proud to announce a new program that can do just that.


In the world of the internet, the longer the information remains available, the more likely it will become permanent, because as the moments tick away, the information is copied, shared and republished in new places. For people who are arrested in Georgia, for example, an arrest means a mugshot on a public website, and mere minutes after those photos appear, the photos move to

Some people who are arrested in Georgia have committed serious offenses that merit their inclusion in major news stories. For example, the four men arrested in Georgia in 2011 connection with an alleged terror plot are likely to see news stories with their names and photographs for years, if not decades, as their arrests made headlines all around the world. Even the New York Times picked up this story, almost guaranteeing its widespread impact.

Many people who are arrested in Georgia, however, haven't committed crimes that are this large. Some haven't even committed crimes at all, but they're been wrongly charged anyway. Running a search for the names of these people could still be damaging, as indexes photographs to Google, ensuring that the photos appear in as many searches as possible. According to Comscore, some 1 billion people visit Google each day, so a damning photo on that's indexed to Google could do irreparable reputation harm. has a hit-or-miss approach to document removal. Some images are placed next to large buttons reading "removal record," while others have no such button at all. The site also doesn't always offer removal services for people who have been found innocent, and the photos don't ever expire. Once people are on the site, they stay there and each minute means another opportunity for copying, and further reputation damage. can help. The company provides immediate removal from and other Georgia mug shot websites, and the company performs an additional scrubbing step that ensures that photos are removed from Google search results. Some companies don't perform this step, meaning that the photos are taken off the searchable database of, but they still appear in Google searches. doesn't take this kind of shortcut.

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