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Deleting mugshots from Georgia websites is now quicker then ever with help of reputation management firm

ATLANTA, Jan. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The mugshot website provides almost immediate access to the photographs and arrest information of people who are accused of a crime within the state of Georgia. In the past, it's been difficult to remove photographs from this site, and some photos have stayed in place for months or even years, including this arrest documentation for "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star June Shannon, arrested all the way back in 2008. is proud to announce that removing mugshots from is faster than ever before, thanks to the hard work of programmers, and the service is easy to utilize.

A New Solution

In the past, people who wanted to remove their images from had few options. They could send email messages to the site administrator, but there was no guarantee those messages would even be seen, much less answered. can help. Within moments, Internet experts can remove images from, and the company can break all back-links to the site, ensuring that the record is gone for good. For people who are arrested in Georgia, this can be amazing help.

Measuring the Impact

Online mugshots could damage a person's love life or reputation within the community, but in Georgia, the real impact could be felt when a person applies for a job. According to the Georgia Department of Labor, the unemployment rate within the state stands at 8.5 percent, and this number might not account for all of the people who have become discouraged at the employment market and have simply stopped looking for jobs as a result. As these statistics prove, jobs are hard to come by in Georgia, and one little black mark could put people on unemployment for good.

The National Employment Law Project reports that one in four American adults have an arrest or conviction record that pops up during a criminal background check. For these people, the final step before a formal job offer is a time of intense stress, as they know that a simple query to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation will lead to a revelation that could make that job offer disappear into thin air. Unfortunately, appearing on could be even more damaging for job seekers. doesn't remove information when charges are thrown out or overturned, and they include information on every single arrest, including crimes that are relatively mild in nature. A quick search for a person's name on the Internet could lead to a shocking photograph, making the person look intensely guilty, even if those charges were later dismissed. The service is quick and free, and it's possible that employers who stumble across entries in don't even bother to call prospective employees for an interview.

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