GeoHoliday Club Scam Awareness Team Talks Travel Scam Avoidance for Summer 2013

GeoHoliday Club Scam Awareness Team is discussing some of the latest ways that criminals are attempting to rip off travelers and how to avoid them.

LAS VEGAS, July 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- GeoHoliday Club Scam Awareness Team is devoted to protecting travelers from travel scams. The Scam Awareness Team works constantly to ensure that travelers can relax and enjoy the vacation they deserve without having to worry about becoming the victims of a scam.


GeoHoliday Club Scam Awareness Team is warning vacation planners that some travel scams can take place before the vacation even starts. A common scam is when a scam artist calls an individual while pretending to be an employee from a resort. Under the guise of an employee, the scam artist will harass the victims in an effort to pressure them into handing over financial information. If a person falls for the trick, the scam artist will then have access to that person's bank account information and be able to steal out of it. 

GeoHoliday Club Scam Awareness Team recommends that if vacation planners encounter this scheme that they instantly end the call, and call the alleged business through a verified phone number. Just redialing that number will do no good, since doing so will just call the scam artist again. Look up the legitimate number from a telephone book or an official website, and call the company back using that number. Legitimate businesses will never pester a customer for personal information in such an unsolicited manner, and if such activity is encountered, exercise extreme caution. 

Another common travel scam that scam artists run is they will pretend to be resort staff, and call resort guests from local payphones, so the incoming call appears as locally placed. The goal of the scam artist in this scenario is akin to what was previously mentioned.  An unsuspecting traveler may slip up and give the requested information over the phone, believing to be conversing with resort management. Travelers can avoid this tactic by just not giving out personal information over a phone call. The front desk of the resort is the only place that resort guests should provide financial information. 

GeoHoliday Club Scam Awareness Team wants all travelers to be aware of these travel scams. By being aware, travelers are taking one solid step towards having a safe and secure vacation experience.

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