Gabon's Budget & Urbanization Minister, H.E. Louembe Signs Landmark Housing MOU with Intercontinental Development Corporation

Budget and Urbanization Ministers decide on complete 'Green' based Residential Community including infrastructure, Clinics and Libraries

WASHINGTON, Oct. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Gabon's Budget Minister, H.E.  Blaise Louembe, whose concerns regarding Urban Development have led him to study both Urban Ecology and Human Habitat, met with Mr. Ekram J. Miller, President of Intercontinental Development Corporation to discuss the plans to transform Gabon into a 21st century example of ecologically sound sustainable development. These two wise gentlemen then worked out a Protocole D' Accord which will serve to expand Gabon's business friendly environment and create an attractive destination for tourists and retirees world-wide.

The respected gentlemen spent time discussing responsible, ecologically sound growth for Gabon that will avoid the environmental pitfalls experienced by other developing nations. Mr. Ekram J. Miller agreed with The Most Honorable Minister Louembe that the citizens of Gabon deserve both a clean and healthful environment and economic progress. With these goals in mind, they signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development and construction of 5,000 'green engineered' separate housing and apartment units in the area surrounding Libreville, Gabon.

H.E. Blaise Louembe, who also serves as Gabon's Minister of Housing, Urbanization, Ecology and Sustainable Development, has spent time with his staff to help work on all details of the Memorandum of Understanding. This 1.2 Billion Dollar Gabonese Project  will now include the entire infrastructure needed for an entire, green based, residential community. The plans will encompass environmentally sound power facilities, well paved streets and Twenty First Century plumbing and sewer lines.  The currently planned amenities include a full library with computer labs, state-of-the-art medical clinic, recreational facilities, a police station and a fire station for the convenience of the residents.  H.E. Louembe, the Minister, will meet with Mr. Miller and the IDC Team of Feasibility Experts at a future date to determine what additional amenities  will be added to the development plans.

Minister Blaise Louembe, during his discussions with Mr. Ekram Miller, also decided to develop a financing system to facilitate the purchase of each of these 5,000 ecologically sound housing units by a regular, hardworking, middle class citizen of Gabon.  Minister Louembe carefully analyzed  the mistakes made by other governments and has devised a system of mortgage finance that is perfect for Gabonese middle class citizens, allowing them to make only a 20% down payment on a finely built permanent home.

Deputy Minister of Housing, Nanette Longa-Makinda attended the meeting with her staff to ascertain that the housing needs of the Gabonese people would be met. Deputy Minister Makinda is a graduate of the Universite' Michel de Montaigne  where her course work on sustainable urbanization has made her uniquely qualified to work as H.E. Louembe's  right hand on all important Gabonese urban development  projects. of Government Projects.

Gabon's capital is in beautiful Libreville, and it is one of the most prosperous countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Gabon's low population density and abundant natural resources including oil, minerals and hardwood timber make it comparable to the unspoiled America of the early nineteenth Century.

H.E. Blaise Louembe was elected as Paymaster General of Gabon in March of 2000, and began working tirelessly with Gabon's President Bongo to make the Gabonese GDP the third highest per capita in the area. In October of 2008, President Ali Bongo made Blaise Louembe the Minister in charge of Public Accounts, Civil Service and the Budget, and later, in 2009 placed him in charge of Gabon State Reform.  Since then, Minister Louembe has worked non-stop to make Gabon the Jewel of West Africa.

Gabon's GDP growth for 2011 is forecast at 5.6%, a direct result of Minister Louembe's tireless work with the mining industry, the wood processing industry and his support of public infrastructure investment. Gabon's inflation has been kept at a sane 2.3% by Minister Louembe's efforts while the inflation rate in the USA is almost double that, at 3.8%. Elsewhere in the world, South Africa is working with 5.3% inflation and China finds itself stymied by a 6.2% inflation rate.

H.E. Blaise Louembe attended the respected University of Libreville in Gabon with the Gabonese Ambassador to the USA, H.E. Michel Moussa-Adamo.

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