Foodservice Redefined: What Marketing Research Says About "Third Places" Outside the Home and Workplace

FARMINGTON, Conn., March 21, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Outside of the home and the workplace, people spend a significant portion of their existence in "third places". Often informal and highly accessible, the third place is typically a place with foodservice where people go to socialize. The evolution of third places is the story of new social traditions. Around the world, cafes and small coffee shops stand at the pinnacle of the third place culture. Most global markets have some sort of long-standing cafe-based tradition, be it kissaten in Japan, pastane in Turkey or lanchonetes in Brazil; however, modern trends are driving the category's evolution worldwide. Meanwhile, specialist coffee shops are also changing the way the world drinks.


A new report, "Global Cafe Culture: The Continuing Evolution of the 'Third Place'" examines the dining customs, lifestyle traditions and social dynamics embedded in the cultural fabric of how consumers use foodservice. The study use case studies, competitive landscape and global prospect analyses to provide insight on the leading operators and brands and key factors influencing café culture.

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Meanwhile, casual dining remains a fast-moving, fluid category. Euromonitor's "Everything to Everybody : The World of Casual Dining" examines the many forms of informal family dining as well the pressing need for marketers to drive global appeal. Use this report to get a detailed picture of one of the most adaptable categories in the consumer foodservice market, pinpoint growth sectors, get forecasts covering five years out, and understand the competitive environment.

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Beyond foodservice-centric establishments, gyms are also incorporating smoothie bars and nutritional snack hubs. The combination of fitness and foodservice aspects have transformed today's gyms, athletic centers and health clubs into an ideal "third place" for people to hang out outside of the home and workplace.

"UK Health & Fitness Clubs Market Research Report" provides the business side of the health and fitness club market in the U.K. for expecting market entrants to size up the competition and discover opportunities.

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