Food Safety Testing Laboratory Broadens Services in the Appliance Industry

New Testing Platform to Scientifically Verify Advertising Claims and Benchmark Test New Products

GAINESVILLE, Fla., Feb. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- ABC Research Laboratories, an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, is formally unveiling an advertising claim validation and benchmark testing service specifically designed for food preparation and food storage appliances and products at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, Illinois. This new testing platform, officially titled TruPerform™, builds on the company's long established reputation for microbiology and chemical testing, specifically in the food, and food related industries.


"ABC Research Laboratories developed the TruPerform™ testing platform to fulfill a need in the housewares industry for an unbiased, third party, independent evaluation of a product's performance," remarked chief scientific officer and TruPerform™ architect Dr. Gillian Folkes Dagan. "We work with engineers, marketing teams, and legal groups to help them prove their product is as good as they know it is."

The TruPerform™ testing platform allows product developers to benchmark their products against the competitive set, and then validate advertising claims for use in marketing materials such as infomercials or product packaging. The laboratory has worked with manufactures of home use containers, food storage systems, and household appliances directly and indirectly since opening its doors in 1967. It is from this experience that the foundation for TruPerform™ was laid.

While the testing platform is completely customizable to individual applications, the overall testing process is organized into a two-step process. Step one of the process starts with benchmarking the product against the competitive set. The laboratory thoroughly analyzes aspects of the product and compares it to existing products already on the market. This process identifies each of the product's strongest attributes over its potential competitors. The second step of the process is advertising claim validation. This step involves developing tangible, quantifiable data to build accurate marketing claims backed with scientific evidence.

"We can validate advertising claims for you," Dr. Dagan continued. "In addition, we can check your competitors' advertising claims and see if they are truly valid."

"Our benchmark testing works directly with your engineers to determine if any revisions are necessary prior to product launch," added appliance testing specialist Ivy Cho. "Not only does this process help you through your product development stage, but it may reveal unknown attributes about your product for your marketing team to use to differentiate your product from the competition. Finally, your customized TruPerform™ testing will also provide your legal team peace of mind by building an unbiased, ISO accredited, scientifically robust foundation to validate your claims and protect your brand."

Dr. Gillian Folkes Dagan and Ivy Cho will both be attending the International Home and Housewares Show March 2-5 to meet directly with appliance, food preparation, and food storage manufactures. They will be in ABC Research Laboratories' booth #7264 in the north wing of the McCormick Center. Appointments are available and may be reserved by calling 1.866.233.5883 or emailing

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