Florida.Arrests.org Removal Solution Announced by InternetReputation.com

Florida.Arrests.org currently holds over 4 million booking photographs of people arrested within the state of Florida.

MIAMI, Sept. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- A new solution to removing florida.arrests.org from InternetReputation.com has proven effective for people arrested in Florida.

Florida.Arrests.org currently holds over 4 million booking photographs of people arrested within the state of Florida. Since these photographs can be damning for people who wish to change jobs, start new relationships or otherwise maintain a positive standing within the communities in which they live, InternetReputation.com is proud to announce a new solution. Now, people can work with a reputable company and have the photographs removed, and create a protective barrier against future reputation attacks.

Most experts attribute the use of mugshots as entertainment in Florida to one high-profile newspaper. In 2009, the Tampa Bay Times collected information from public arrest records, and mixed mugshot photographs with arrest information. News articles and other crime-related information filled out the site. Developers claimed that the information was provided on strict journalistic grounds, educating people about the nature of crime. The site also removed images after 60 days, which is (not coincidentally) about the same amount of time for adjudication of a misdemeanor case.

When the news of the popularity of this site began to spread, an enterprising entrepreneur named Rob Wiggens decided to get into the act and create his own website, Florida.Arrests.org. Here, he also provided mugshots pulled from police databases, but he also built in "entertaining" features that would pull in more viewers. The site has been enormously popular, but those shown in the photographs might face serious, damning consequences.

Consider the case of "Trapper Joe," of reality television show "Swamp People" fame. He was arrested in Florida on a domestic violence charge in June of 2012, according to news reports, and his mug shot moved from Florida.Arrests.org and mugshot sites like it into the virtual stratosphere. As a result, searches for the star now bring back hundreds, if not thousands, of results filled with the lurid details of his arrest.

This is a common consequence faced by people who appear on Florida.Arrests.org. The site is heavily "crawled" by Google, meaning as soon as an image appears on the site, a search for that person's name will direct Google to the mugshot. This could cost people jobs, rental agreements or even relationships, as simple searches seem to return results that indicate the person has some sort of criminal background. Since the images are never removed from Florida.Arrests.org, the damage could persist for decades, or even for eternity.

It's important to note that the risk doesn't pertain only to people who live in Florida. In fact, anyone who is arrested in Florida can appear on the site, and many people who are arrested don't live in Florida at all. For example, during Memorial Day weekend 2011, only 8 percent of those arrested in Miami Beach were actually residents, according to news reports. The rest of those arrested were just visiting. Perhaps the vacation spirit makes people do or say things they might not normally do, or perhaps being away from home just makes people behave badly. Whatever the reason, anyone who sets foot in Florida and breaks the law could be targeted by Florida.Arrests.org. The site is just designed to pick up all arrests, no matter where the people might live.

People who investigate their own names in the hopes of finding a loophole that would force the removal of their images should think again. The site provides a completely blank page under the "Contact" button, and no public address or contact information is shown anywhere on the site. This might lead some people to believe that images simply cannot be removed.  Fortunately, there is a way to make the damage disappear, and reputation management companies have jumped into action helping people remove their information from appearing on Google and the other search engines.

InternetReputation.com utilizes this strategy to remove images and webpages from Florida.Arrests.org. A simple request to InternetReputation.com will result in an aggressive effort to target that image and force its removal, almost immediately. That's just the first step in a comprehensive reputation management campaign, however. When the damage has been cleared, the company moves forward to create a barrage of positive information, working as a barrier against future attacks. For those who have been wounded by Florida.Arrests.org, this comprehensive approach is the best way to ensure that these issues don't reappear at a later time. Find out more at www.internetreputation.com. A quote and analysis is free.

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