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New Flex Mini Review thoroughly examines the device and offers coupon codes

SAN DIEGO, April 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- As the costs of personal training spiral and gyms cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars per year, one home toning technique is revolutionizing the way women achieve the perfect butt.

New research out today by Awesome Reviews tests the effectiveness of the Flex Mini, brainchild of celebrated toning device emporium Flex Gear, to see whether it really does deliver rock solid rears from the comfort of home.See the full review at awesomeallday.com/flex-mini-review/.

Along with the review, AwesomeAllDay.com released the coupon code "FLEXMINI10OFF" which provides 10% off multiple Flex Mini units or $20 off a single Flex Mini.

"Women everyone have long coveted the perfect rear, but often we don't have the time, energy or funds to spend our lives at the gym," said Product Analyst, Lisa King. "The buttocks and backs of thighs are areas notoriously difficult to tone up, and are the bane of pear-shaped women everywhere. We spend hours on elliptical trainers, doing leg lifts, squatting and lunging, and often with fewer results than we'd hoped for. The Flex Mini targets those muscles and uses pulses to contract the muscles and give them a hard core workout."

The Flex Mini is an FDA-cleared, medical-grade electronic muscle stimulator (EMS) that uses gel pads attached to adjustable belts, to send electrical pulses to the muscle groups around the glutes and hamstrings. The signals target the whole groups, causing muscles to contract, hold and relax, around 150 times per 30 minute session. When compared to regular exercise in the form of leg lifts, 66% more users experienced an increase in the overall strengths of their buttocks when using the Flex Mini, and around 10% more saw an improvement in their endurance.

"What's really making the Flex Mini popular, aside from targeting hard-to-tone muscles, is the fact that it can be worn around the home; doing the chores, gardening, cooking or working from home. It delivers a tough workout whilst women everywhere get on with their lives," continued King. "I wore mine under denims to go shopping and it was unnoticeable; we're all so time poor that this device is perfect for us to get results while we continue with our daily routine."

King used the product for 6 weeks on her buttocks that she had felt were sagging and lost their firmness. "I'm pretty fit, but, like many of us, over the years things have started to slide and sag a bit. I just don't have the time to dedicate to my fitness anymore, and my butt is one area that I'm not so proud of these days."

After 2 weeks, the area felt tighter and firmer, after 4 weeks the improvements were visible and the sagging greatly reduced, and after 6 weeks, the area was transformed.

"After six weeks, the device had given me back my 'running days' butt; strong, lifted and toned," concluded King. "Of all the devices I've trialed, this has got to be the fastest-acting piece of kit with the best results. It really does deserve the high praise it gets."

King mentions, "I highly recommend purchasing the Flex Mini from the official site as they offer a guarantee and accept coupons for extra savings. During my research I found several sites selling counterfeits, so take caution when purchasing elsewhere."

To save 10%, please visit the official Flex Mini site below:

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