First of its kind Music Video "Diva Mom Song" produced by local Silicon Valley professionals steps up mother celebrations in the bay area

For First time ever a music video with a social message, that celebrates the diva image of women as mothers showcasing South Asian women but meant for all.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Tapping Wand Productions, a local bay area production house, recently launched a  unique four and half minutes foot-tapping music video, in Hindi and English, with funk-rock, Indian classical and rapping all in the same song. It has just been released on YouTube and is hugely popular already. This music video with social message, showcases women who are mothers and not models, across Silicon Valley. The mothers in the video were  screen tested and auditioned by CEOs and women from NGOs for the roles. In the music video, these women are shown unveiling the "diva" that lies beneath (artists, athletes, social workers). Though they are from the South Asian background, the story is universal and the music transcends across borders.

The Diva Mom song brings up three points, while showing motherhood and weaving fun music:

  • Bringing back the positive connotation of the word "Diva" to a mother's dictionary.
  • The conversation shifts to middle-aged and middle-class mothers, who are invisible to the world at large, but are divas, in their own right.
  • The big deal is these women can swim with the sharks and do it in style. These women have beauty with brains and have managed to stay in touch with their inherent talents.

Says Archita Mandal Fallini, The writer, director and producer,  "Why should the diva image be restricted to celebrities?. Where can you find an abundance of such real divas. Silicon Valley! A crucible of capitalism: fast-paced, uber-aggressive, and an arena of ideas, that attracts talent and energy from far reaches. A place you can achieve as much as possible and scarcely afford to be laid-back because the sharks will eat you for lunch."

"By focusing on these real women and not models, we create a healthy respect and recognition of how they conquer their everyday challenges."

"We want to shine a light on the exceptional women who are normally over-looked, the middle class moms who balance multiple roles throughout the day – cook, chauffeur, nanny, employee, artist, boss, colleague, caretaker and many more. We especially want to showcase -the daily strivers, the unsung heroes that go from day to day doing unglamorous things remain nameless and unrecognized."

The Lead singer, Ranjin Vijay, Music Composer, Farhan Mohamed and Music Video Director and Producer of the Diva Mom video work in high tech as well are artists.

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