Fires and Hoarding

Recently in the news there have been issues with fires started by hoarding situation. These issues have come to the forefront in recently in the news. This article will help in the explanation of why the hoarding issues are a fire issue

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- In recent months the phenomena of deaths that occur from hoarding are becoming an ever growing concern. The amount of items that are hoarded often by individuals is often a beckoning fire hazard due to its sheer amount and the flammable nature of the items it can cause a large amount of destruction. What items do people hoard that can cause a fire. This is one of the most  frequently asked hoarding cleanup questions. Often, the flammable situation is preventable through the use of a professionally trained hoarding cleanup company.

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Sometimes hoarders keep papers that over time tend to dry out and a stray spark can make them a virtual tinder basket. Also, due to the decrepit nature of some of the buildings, the sparks from failed electrical wiring can certainly work. Another factor is that the wood could become so rotted that the danger of someone falling through is ever paramount in one's mind.  However, a critical factor is probable need for repairs on the electrical wiring, which can ignite a variety of items that people hoard such as paper, clothing, etc.  However, there are a host of factors that need to be looked at as well.

Firefighters need a clear path in order to help the individual escape, but the items these individuals hoard create impediments. Every second is crucial in dealing with removing the items in order to get the individuals to safety. However due to the idiosyncrasies of the individuals habits of a hoarder it might be necessary in an almost forceful manner to protect the hoarder from hurting themselves in that type of situation.  Also, with hoarding there are situations where their items can endanger the lives of other individuals in a building who are subjected to the consequences of the hoarder's, an example of this could be found in an apartment fire.

Hoarding and fires can cause issues that often go hand in hand, and this problem can result in an ever more dangerous situation. A way of solving this problem before it starts is too hire a professional hoarding cleanup company to remove these items. As stated previously many of these items are hazardous to an individual during a fire situation, and with the neglect there can be a host of factors that increases the flammability. Consequently, the necessity of addressing the hoarding problems in regards to fire is critical. 

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