Financial Preparation is Always Laudable, but Not Always Sufficient, says Car Cash Loans

Putting money away for a rainy - or completely flooded - day is getting harder and harder, and so is accumulating enough of it to cover a genuine emergency, says the L.A. based lender.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Sparked by the recent spate of major natural disasters, a September 23 article in USA Today argues strongly for the need of individuals to start building emergency funds, continue building them, and only actually use them for real emergencies. Los Angeles based lender Car Cash Loans says that saving as much money as possible is always good advice but more and more people are forced by such factors as high housing costs and stagnant income to live paycheck to paycheck. Even if they are able to sock money away, the magnitude of the emergency – or more than one emergency happening at a time – can make it extremely difficult to cope financially.

Car Cash Loans customers come to the firm for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes a fire, flood, or mudslide can be the catalyst of multiple financial needs, and sometimes it is just one unexpected expense that's too much to handle. Especially for individuals who can't get other kinds of credit, car title loans can be a real life saver, says the company. The lender notes that title loans are not dependent on an individual's credit history because they are secured by the value of an automobile that has been fully paid for. The beauty of these kinds of loans from the borrower's perspective is that he or she is allowed to hold on to the vehicle while repaying the loan. Especially here in Los Angeles, where cars are not luxuries and may often be absolutely essential to get to work and take care of family responsibilities, this is obviously an attractive option for many, the lender adds.

On the other hand, Car Cash Loans says, no two people have exactly the same story and some borrowers need to take advantage of pawn loans to obtain the cash they need. With these loans, the vehicle is kept in a safe and secure location until the loan is paid off. For obvious reasons, Car Cash Loans notes that these loans are most appropriate for people with second vehicles they don't need to use on a daily basis. These may include motorcycles, classic cars, and recreational vehicles.

Car Cash Loans concludes by noting that life is full of surprises. A roof caves in on a rainy day, plumbing goes haywire, the dog destroys the next door neighbor's fence or the cat eats the entire roll of string by your sewing machine, becomes seriously ill (this can really happen!) and needs surgery to remove the string, or else… it's at times like these when title loans just might be the way to go.

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