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Dr. Marvin Lagstein and Industry Insiders Weigh In On The Role of Perfect Teeth for Aspiring Models and Actors

MANHATTAN, N.Y., May 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The old paradigm that models, actors and actresses must be the essence of obvious perfection has changed.  For many photographers, designers and agents the new aesthetic is one of a malleable blank canvas onto which they can create any look or design.  Even in print modeling, the desired look is one of approachability and the everyday "next door" look.  Gone are the days of muscle bound men and busty women gracing the pages of every magazine.  During open calls and casting calls, agents are looking for what they call the "wow factor".  That intangible element that everybody knows exists but can not quite put into words.

However, one essential facet remains if an aspiring model, actor or actress wants to break into the realm of success- their smile.   In order to be able to achieve a desirable portfolio, a model or actress must be able to display a range of expressions and emotions. From headshots to on screen roles, directors, agents and photographers place a heavy emphasis on a perfect smile and more specifically, perfect teeth. For many, this one simple drawback in their overall appearance puts them in a difficult position.  They may not be getting work because of their teeth.  Elaine Gordon, owner of Elaine Gordon Model Management says, "The first thing you do when walking into a casting is announce your name and smile for a quick casting photograph."  She continued, "If someone walks in and is beautiful but has malaligned teeth it will lower the chances of them being chosen for that particular spot."

One of the biggest hurdles among models and actors seems to be the confidence issues associated with having imperfect teeth.  Many casting directors and agents note that those with dental issues are not as confident when auditioning.  Cynthia Hildebrand, casting director for NJ Talentworks, says, "I have seen actors get very self conscious when they have bad teeth.  I have seen them constantly keep their hand in front of their mouth when it was not needed for a shoot.  Also, I have seen them not willing to smile when appropriate."

Alison Stewart, fashion stylist and Editor-In-Chief of added, "If actors don't have a perfect smile they are generally more of a 'character actor'.  I've definitely seen them have all the confidence in the world to go after those roles, but not the confidence to go after say, a leading man/romantic role. It definitely affects what roles they think they can land and their confidence to even go after the bigger ones."

Another struggle those aspiring models and actors face is whether or not to opt for traditional braces.  Although these braces may have long term benefits they often take two years to correct the issue.  In that two year time the ability to get work is very limited forcing them to put their careers on hold.  Dania Denise, a model who has been featured in TV, print and fashion shows and creator of the internets most popular guide to modeling, Modeling 101 - A Model's Diary, said, "Of course traditional braces have never really been considered 'pretty'.  For models, Photoshopping braces out isn't an option and a model can only go so far without being able to do an open-mouthed smile during shoots. Additionally, models with traditional braces often only get booked for limited types of work, usually dental related. That doesn't make for much of a modeling career."   She continued, "A model can get much farther in their career with a new smile as a result of braces instead of being rejected due to a less than stellar smile."

Recently, NYC dental specialist, Dr. Marvin Lagstein has begun working with aspiring models, actors and actresses by helping them correct their dental issues with a revolutionary new approach, Behind the Teeth Braces.  His intention is to invisibly correct the dental conditions that plague aspiring models, actors and actresses without forcing them to put their aspirations on hold.  These "secret" braces are applied invisibly behind the teeth.  Furthermore, these braces can correct dental issues in only 6 months as opposed to the two years needed for traditional braces.

This technology allows adults teeth to be straightened much more quickly than the traditional techniques. Dr. Lagstein has traveled and studied this new method intensely, then combined this technology with his vast experience in Dentistry and came up with "Straight Teeth in Six Months" for adults. His adult patient base increased rapidly and he opened a second office in New York City.

As he completed more and more cases, Dr. Lagstein was surprised to discover that adults and children had remarkable life transformations once they were proud of their smile. He found patient after patient experiencing profound life changes in their jobs, relationships and marriages.  Dr. Lagstein is also the author of Brace for Success, a book that highlights the positive lifestyle changes that come about from increased confidence.

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