Fiesta Frog Users Setup Big Plans For Top Party Schools Tour / Documentary

Party Fundraiser Helps to get this Show on the Road

NEW YORK, Feb. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ --, the website who ranked the Top 100 Party Schools , is  now attempting to start a College Party-School Tour & Documentary! The mission of the college tour is "To celebrate collegiate nightlife, and reward Students who show the world, that you can have fun AND learn in college". The Fiesta Frog team, is happy to give these partiers support. After all, they launched their business while finding parties for other people in college.


The tour will start by throwing a HUGE launch party in New York City. After which, the team plans to rent/buy a bus, so that they can "Pop-up" at  25* of the Top 100 Party Schools, and throw them a bash celebrating their school! They will, hire or select, DJ's and artists to perform at these schools. They will also hire a  crew to film each school's event/whatever happens on the bus! They plan on forwarding this documentary and footage to big media outlets such as MTV and VH1.

The definite stops are ( not in any order) :

  •  Syracuse University
  •  California State University, Chico
  •  University of Texas at Austin
  •  Pennsylvania State University, Penn State Main Campus
  •  Louisiana State University
  •  University of Miami
  •  West Virginia University
  •  University of Wisconsin, Madison
  •  Florida State University
  •  Arizona State University

If their campaign is successful, the Fiesta Frog team will accompany them on their trip, re-rank the Top 25 Party Schools* based on the turn-out, and release a detailed ranking of why each school is ranked where they are. The tour will end with a festival in California.

In order to make this tour a success from the beginning, they are attempting to raise $250,000 over the course of the next 32 days! Every dollar donated by someone counts as a vote for a visit to a school of their choice.  The votes also count towards having  a portion of the documentary filmed at the school and have a massive event thrown there also!  

Fiesta Frog is using indiegogo as their platform for accepting donations and selling tickets.

Do You Want To Help? Interested in being a Sponsor, Promoter or Investor; Contact them .

Media Contact: Benjamin Joseph Fiesta Frog Inc, 845-481-3204,

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