Fantasy Pot Odds' new Fantasy Football service customizes draft sheets for individual leagues

Proprietary algorithms give subscribers insights that optimize their fantasy football drafts

SOUTH LYON, Mich., July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Fantasy Pot Odds is pleased to announce the launch of its "Draft Card Cheat Sheet," which makes drafting an elite fantasy football team incredibly simple, yet devastatingly effective. Fantasy Pot Odds relies on a proven quantitative, analytical approach that seamlessly customizes draft cards to help subscribers produce the most effective results across leagues, rules and roster set-up.

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Fantasy Pot Odds uses a patent-pending technology that synthesizes thousands of individual player statistics. The results factor in multiple variables that allow for the most effective picks for specific leagues.

"In the course of any fantasy football league, all the good players will be drafted eventually," said Andrew D. Stickel, founder of Fantasy Pot Odds. "The trick to prevailing against your opponents is knowing the optimal time to take which player, based on each league's rules and what your fellow fantasy football players may do next. That's where Fantasy Pot Odds comes in."

When players subscribe to Fantasy Pot Odds, we deliver a Microsoft Excel Workbook directly to your personal email address. Each Draft Card Cheat Sheet will tell you:

  1. Who is the best player available to draft at every position
  2. From the best available player at every position, who is the most valuable player for this league; and most importantly
  3. Whether to draft the best player or not with the next pick

"We know there may be a lot of reasons why the player with the best stats may not be the right player at that moment--you may have too much depth at that spot, you could be too thin somewhere else or you know your idiot buddies will let you get the best player a few rounds later," said Stickel. "With Fantasy Pot Odds, we have created an end-to-end approach to help our customers make all those determinations based on facts, not just gut feelings."

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About Our Proprietary, Patent-Pending Technology

Fantasy Pot Odds provides confidence-weighting of value-based projected values for drafting fantasy football players. Our approach entails combining historical data and advanced analytics to properly calibrate the expected value of each pick inside of and across different positions. We make these values available through our Draft Card Cheat Sheets that are tailored to individual leagues' scoring systems and rosters. Our Draft Card Cheat Sheets are customized to individual leagues' scoring systems and rosters, allowing subscribers to draft players in the sequence that maximizes the probability of high fantasy scores.

About Us

Fantasy Pot Odds was created with a burning desire to allow players to kick friends' asses in fantasy football, honed through more than a decade of obsessive fantasy football playing. In order to allow subscribers to do that, our patent-pending technology sifts through massive amounts of data to find the best answer that quantitative information can provide.

Founder Andrew D. Stickel has combined 21 years playing Fantasy with a Bachelor's Degree in the sciences, an MBA from the Kelly School of Business and real-world experience at a Fortune 10 company using advanced modeling, where he directed the Purchasing Modeling group whose forecasting helps to manage more than $5 billion dollars annually.

"I created Fantasy Pot Odds to give our subscribers the same advantages at their drafts that my method has given me," he says.

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