Executives No Longer Need to Guess at the Value and Risk of Their Important Mobile, Social, and Big Data Initiatives!

ATLANTA, April 26, 2012  /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Today, BlueLeap Consulting and Incite! Decision Technologies announce the formation of their joint venture aimed at helping innovation leaders minimize the risks associated with the identification, planning, and development of important corporate technology initiatives.

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"In today's demanding business environment nothing gets done without the ability to articulate a strong P&L impact.  That is why BlueLeap Consulting has created and integrated a proprietary Business Value Model into our development methodology.  Our approach quickly–days or weeks, not months–draws a straight, quantifiable line linking innovation, delivery and corporate strategy," says, Raleigh Burgess, CEO of BlueLeap Consulting and former Chief Information Officer for GE Capital IT Solutions.

Research shows, however, that if planning components are left out or diluted, a bullwhip effect leads to downstream problems during the execution phase, where organizations often lose sight of why they are doing something.  This, in turn, leads to scope creep and time spent on activities that don't add value.

Burgess goes on to say, "According to analysts, most CEO's feel that the CIO is too technically focused to bring business benefit to the organization.  While this might be the perception, we believe that technical organizations, whether they support operations or drive innovation–as in the case of product development–can positively affect shareholder value. Until now, a fast, efficient, and quantifiable way to build and monitor the business case of innovation efforts has not been widely available.  When we discovered Incite! Decision Technologies, I knew we found a missing piece to the value-capture puzzle."

As many in the industry know, the problem lies in accurately identifying corporate objectives and quantifying the risks to their achievement, making reasonably informed and prioritized tradeoffs among conflicting goals, and tying programs to the strategic intent and success of the company with clear, appropriate metrics.  Many people frequently regard the objects of these activities as "intangibles," treating them at best in a qualitative way. This is not enough.

Robert Brown, President of Incite! Decision Technologies, observes that the problems inherent in program development frequently lie in the fact that planning and execution efforts are not properly integrated from the start.  "Planners often fail to include the 'manufacturability' perspective of seasoned developers, that is, the actual 'how' part of implementation.  And developers, if they aren't included in the initial planning efforts, often misalign development features and the broader corporate strategic direction, ultimately manifesting in the common CEO perception that many technology efforts do not add value to the business."

About Incite! Decision Technologies: Incite! Decision Technologies is a project and portfolio risk analysis consulting firm that excels at helping clients identify, measure, and manage the risk they face when adopting strategic initiatives, selecting projects, allocating capital, and managing program and project portfolios. Through its advanced problem framing approach, risk analysis process, and modeling systems, it helps leaders achieve the insights they need to decide wisely about what to do when making informed critical choices.

About BlueLeap Consulting: Driving value at the intersection of innovation, strategy and execution, BlueLeap Consulting, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and Qingdao, China leverages years of global experience to deliver results that are low cost, high quality and completely visible to clients.  In partnership with an on-site, US-based team, BlueLeap can design and implement innovative solutions across media, entertainment (mobile applications), manufacturing, education, high tech, energy and financial services.

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Robert D. Brown III, +1 (678) 947-5997, rdbrown@incitedecisiontech.comhttp://www.incitedecisiontech.com

Eric E. Burgess, +1 (404) 915-7139, eburgess@blueleapconsulting.comhttp://www.blueleapconsulting.com

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